Her Story

I’m Cassidi - a laid back middle child who loves the New York Yankees, the Kansas Jayhawks, bad reality TV, and a good glass of wine.  Oh- and I really dig trying to figure out how to raise my hilarious, adorable, and always energetic son, JJ. 

I grew up in a small town in Colorado, lived in a medium sized town (Lincoln, Nebraska), and after four years loving life as a Jayhawk, landed in the big city (well- a sort of big city), Kansas City. 

His Story

He’s Jeff – a sport loving funny guy that really loves his wife (guess who wrote that line?).  He loves the New York Yankees, Knicks, and Giants, and dreams of someday actually living in the real big city, New York City.  He also loves the Duke Blue Devils, which after a few big games against my beloved Jayhawks has put a little stress on our marriage.

Our Story

We proved everyone wrong by having a successful relationship after meeting in a bar (where I had to hit on him).  We had a beautiful wedding on a beach in St. Lucia and thanks to what the doctors so kindly called my “advanced maternal age,” we instantly started trying to get knocked up.

That’s where this whole blog thing started.  Turns out that “advanced maternal age” thing is no joke and getting pregnant took a lot of help from modern medicine.  So I decided to write about it.  It was a truly difficult time in our lives, but I tried to find some humor in the situation.

In the end, it all worked out and the perfect sperm found the perfect egg which resulted in our perfect son.  Our lives are now centered around figuring out this whole parenting thing – what we now call The JJ Project.   

JJ’s Story

This kid couldn’t have started off on a better foot.  He was due December 7.  All I wanted was for him to make it to December.  I wanted a December baby.  I felt my first contraction on my way home from work on November 30th and less than three hours into December, I had my baby boy.  He was born with a ton of dark brown hair (the nurse even gave him his first mohawk while he was crowning), but has turned into a cute little blonde.  He hated breast feeding, but now loves milk.  He was slow to walk, but early to talk (and talk and talk and talk).  He loves cuddling with his mom and rough housing with his dad.  And somehow he has all the best qualities of both of us. 

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