Monday, November 3, 2014

A Day in the Life of Mom

When we started talking about Halloween to JJ, he wanted to be a bad guy. He couldn't really tell us what a bad guy was or what he wore, but he stuck with the idea of being a bad guy for quite some time. As I wasn't exactly sure what a bad guy wore either (nor did I want to encourage the cool factor for bad guys), ultimately, we convinced him to be Spider-man. He was darn cute and he mastered the art of the web-slinging fingers.

However, on Halloween morning, JJ got the full bad guy experience. Well, as much as a two year old can really get. 

For a while now he's been asking about where I work and he's always quick to point out that I am wearing "work" clothes or "work" shoes. I've told him I work at the courthouse, but I don't really think that meant much to him. So I took the day off work and decided to create my own Take Your Kid to Work day.

As we pulled up to the building, I pointed out the big building and told JJ it was the courthouse. He loved it. He was so impressed with how big it was. We walked inside and luckily he made it through security without any problems. 

We first went to my office to drop off coats. JJ immediately stepped into my shoes and started typing up some reports. He was very impressed with his work when the "bird" (the American Eagle screen saver) popped up on the screen. I knew at that point that if he was impressed with that, he was going to have fun.
We then headed down to the U.S. Marshals Office. There were some "bad guys" in the jail cells, but the Marshals were very accommodating and let JJ see the one empty cell, separated from the "bad guys." 
The good news is - JJ was not a fan of being in "jail." Remember that feeling, kid!

To get the full experience, they took his mug shot.
Can't you just feel his remorse?
But he wasn't always the "bad guy." They made him an honorary Marshal for a few minutes. 
We then moved on to try on some more hats. We've talked about how Mommy writes reports for the Judge, so he gave the whole Judge gig a try. He might need a taller seat, but he was ready to put those bad guys in jail.
Watch out Judge Judy, here comes Judge JJ.
We checked out the American flag from the top floor while we stalled waiting for a court hearing to start.
When we got to the courtroom, the Marshals brought in the "bad guy" and JJ made sure everyone in the courtroom knew he was the bad guy (turns out bad guys wear orange jumpsuits - would have been a pretty easy costume). He also pointed out - a number of times, quite loudly- that the "bad guy" made a "sad choice." 

In preparation for the Judge to come out, I told JJ that when she enters the room we all stand up. Then we have to sit very quietly or we will have to leave. Apparently, he only heard the first half of those instructions. He stood right up, but when we all sat down, he felt the need to keep telling me to stand up. So that was the end of that and out of the court room we went before we were escorted out. 

I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure after this little adventure that Mommy's cool factor just got bumped up a few notches.

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