Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Night We Thought We Were Big Time...

I had my dream wedding on a beach. I gave birth to a beautiful baby. Both amazing days (although the birth one was also filled with vast amounts of pain, so amazing in the end, but had a few low points...). You'd think it would be hard to find a day to compare to those, but I did.

The day started out just a typical Monday loaded with a desk full of work I'm way behind on and a busy week ahead. That all changed around noon when Jeff called and said his buddy/ co-worker (we'll call him Jeremy because that is his name) couldn't go to the Yankees/ Royals game that night and he was giving us the tickets. 

At first I was hesitant. I recalled Jeff and Jeremy were supposed to go to the originally scheduled game that was rained out and Jeff had mentioned they were great seats behind the Yankees dugout. However, I also knew is was about 100 degrees outside, we would have our antsy two year old with us, and it was 100 degrees outside. Then I realized it was our last chance to see Derek Jeter, who JJ will tell you is his favorite baseball player, so I was all in. 

It turned out to be quite complicated. Jeff and Jeremy (I think mostly Jeremy) tried to call will call to get the tickets changed to our names which is apparently quite difficult to do. We almost just gave up, but in the end, Jeremy offered to go to the stadium, pick up the tickets, and hand them off to us (I'm not just rambling- this is important for later in the story!). Way above and beyond.

So we get the tickets and head into the stadium. I look at the tickets to see where our section is and realize they just say "CROWN Row D." I'm looking for signs to lead us to Crown and I see nothing. We finally ask and are directed into a special doorway and down an elevator. It's starting to kick in that these aren't going to be just regular seats.  

We walk into a room/ restaurant and are seated at a table and told that everything is complimentary, help ourselves. I'm starting to feel like I'm kind of a big deal. I am soon put in my place and realize I'm not the biggest deal when I order my beer at the bar, but the bartender puts my beer down to get another round for the guy next to me, George Freaking Brett, before he finished serving me. And you know, I'm totally cool with being served after George Brett because, well, he's George Brett.  

After we quickly binge eat some amazing food, we head out to our seats. Our seats are directly behind home plate in Row 4. Yes, 4! Not only are there menus on our seats listing all the free food we can order from the servers that come to our seats, but there are those cool little fans attached to the water bottles. Fans! If that isn't high class, I don't know what is. At this point, I'm actually believing that I am extremely wealthy and that I can afford these seats. 

We took a few pics right by the field (which probably totally gave us away as the poor people that never get to experience those seats!). 

After the ceremony for Jeter, the game is about to begin.  Jeter is in the batter's box, literally about 10 feet away from us. Like right here.

After I snap a pic, I decide to use my two year old son (who is wearing his Jeter shirt) to try to get Jeter's attention. We went down to the front - yes three whole rows down - as I hold JJ and tell him to wave at Derek Jeter. As we are waving, Jeter looks over at us and gives us a wave/ salute. The Derek Jeter. Waved - at us (honestly, I think it was mostly me, but I'll be nice and give JJ a little credit). 

I'm pretty sure my bucket list is now complete. It had one item- get Derek Jeter to wave at you. Check. List complete.
Look, Ma!  I'm on TV!
About two innings later, I'm still on a high from Jeter waving at me when some Royals employees approach us and ask if we (Jeff) is Jeremy. Jeff explains that Jeremy gave us the tickets. They then explain that somehow during the calls to change the name at will call, there was a mix-up. The company that was providing the tickets to Jeremy actually had two sets of tickets and we were intended to get the other set. Understandably, the guys who were supposed to get these tickets wanted to sit in our seats.  

So, on ESPN for all the world to see, we were escorted from our seats by Royals personnel. Yeah, I made that sound much more dramatic than it was. We obviously went willingly, and there was no good story like we were drunk or obnoxious and got kicked out (probably what my mother was thinking when she saw it on TV!). However, don't think we left that restaurant without making the most of the free buffet and drinks on our way out.  

We eventually went over to our new seats in Section 122.  Had I not tasted the Crown, I would have been absolutely thrilled with these seats.

But now it was like driving a Pinto after owning a Cadillac; it was like seeing the Eiffel Tower in Vegas after having been to Paris; it was like staying at the Holiday Inn after a night at the Chateau Marmont; it was like - okay you get the picture.

We still enjoyed the game and just getting that experience, even if for a limited time, against the Yankees for Jeter's last game in Kansas City, was unbeatable. And I feel like JJ advanced his baseball credibility because last time we went to a game, his favorite thing was seeing the moon.  This time, his favorite thing was clapping- big improvement!

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