Monday, June 23, 2014

This One is for Little Man Jack

I'm taking a break from chatting about JJ and taking this opportunity to celebrate Baby Jack.  

This past weekend, we got to celebrate Jack when I co-hosted his mama's baby shower. As we were setting up, she (we'll call her Maria, well, because that is her name) commented that it all looked so great, it could be in a blog. Challenge accepted!

I first must give props to my co-host, Angie (yes, also her real name). She not only made awesome tortilla roll-ups and strawberry lemonade, but she found the adorable printable on Etsy that we centered our theme around.

Now, more importantly, meet Jack.

Seriously, is he not the cutest?  His mommy noted his special known skills so far include yawning, licking his elbows, and, obviously, sticking out his tongue.

Now on to the shower.

Thanks to Three Little Monkeys Studio based out of our own hometown, we had a good starting base with tons of these printables for labels, signs, a banner, and anything else we could need that we got off Etsy. In the end, I think the table turned out very Pinterest worthy!

One of my favorite parts was using wrapping paper for the table cloth (yep, idea from Pinterest!).  And, all the Little Man decorations from Three Little Monkeys Studio added the perfect touches.

And possibly my absolute favorite was these amazing cookies from Icings by Ang, also so proud that she is from our hometown (but takes internet orders and will deliver!). 

And they taste as good as they look!

So there you have it.  Our Pinterest-worthy baby shower.  Can't wait to meet you, Jack!

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  1. It was so wonderful, thank you (and Angie) for putting so much thought and work into making it special!!! Oh, and Jack has continued to enjoy the leftovers... He lets me know through kicks of approval :)


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