Monday, June 9, 2014

Major League Baseball Through the Eyes of a Two Year Old

It's tradition in our home - when the Yankees are in town, we must go to a game. This is not an easy task working around nap schedules and bed times, but we make it work.

It is also tradition that I will write a blog about it every year.  

This past weekend was the big weekend and we decided since the Saturday night game started at 6:00, that would be our best bet.  

We watch a lot of baseball at home, and even thought JJ doesn't really pay attention, he was excited to see Derek Jeter. He woke up from nap excited and ready to go.  

As we walked into the park, I realized how my baseball experience has changed since parenthood. Tailgating used to be my favorite part, but as we walked past all the beer drinking, washer playing parties, I was perfectly content to walk into the game perfectly sober with my two favorite dudes. 

We got there a little early, so we grabbed a bite. Although JJ didn't think it was right to throw the peanut shells on the ground, he thoroughly enjoyed the process of breaking open the shells and eating about 1/2 of a peanut out of each one. It didn't last long though, because he kept wanting to go "Play Yankees." I still haven't quite figured out what he thought it meant to "play Yankees."

We went ahead and found some seats (no, not our assigned seats in the upper deck, just some empty seats near the kids' area. I didn't see much point in going all way to the top when we wouldn't be sitting in them for long. Also my reasoning for going cheap and getting the nose bleed seats. I know- shame on us.).  

There were rows of empty seats which JJ was convinced where that way so he could run though every single one of them. 

It was time for the National Anthem and my kid made me proud. We showed him how to put his hand on his heart and the two year old with a very limited attention span kept it there during the whole song.  

Before the game started, Reggie Jackson (yes, THE Reggie Jackson) walked right past "our" seats into a reserved area. Jeff gave him a "Hey, Reggie!" and Jeff got a head nod in return. Jeff may have peed himself just a little with excitement. 

We watched 1/2 an inning and tried to point out how the batters were trying to hit the ball. I'm not sure he got it, but Derek Jeter got to bat, so JJ cheered  and clapped for him. JJ also spotted the moon, which was quite exciting.

1/2 an inning. Yep, that was all the baseball he could handle. After that we headed to the kids area where he road the carousel and slid down the slides. They have a small field where kids can hit and then run the bases, so we paid our $2 for a token for him to give it his best. While we waited in line forever (of course, just before his turn, they had to clear the area to do a between innings game for the big screen and that is when the Royals went on a run and it seemed liked the longest inning in this history of baseball- at least to JJ) JJ tried on the helmet and thought he was pretty cool.  

However, when it was his turn to bat, he wanted nothing to do with the mandatory helmet and he wasn't about to take off his Yankees hat. 

Side note- while Jeff was attempting to get JJ to wear said helmet, he let a girl, sixish, go ahead of him. Her father (maybe grandfather) first complained that the plastic bat had too many dents and demanded a better one. Then, the girl gets up to bat and has clearly never held a bat before as her hands are about a foot apart and she stood directly behind the tee. She finally hits four balls in about 10 attempts and takes her run around the bases, having no clue she was supposed to run across home plate. But at least she had the good bat with no dents! Really, guy?  

Back to my story- JJ finally gets the helmet on (sort of) and hits he easily hits his four balls. 

Jeff has to run the bases with him because this is a first and who knows where the kid would go on his own. He took first base pretty wide, but got the hang of it by the time he rounded second and third. 

I think Jeff was about to have a heart attack by the time they made it home, but they crossed home together with a smile (kind of). 

We played a little longer and I think we headed home during the fourth inning (not sure since as I mentioned I got to watch 1/2 an inning!).  Again- slightly different from the olden days when I insisted on staying for the entire game, no matter what! 

When we got to the car, I asked JJ what his favorite thing was. His answer, "The moon!" So there you have it - major league ball park, the Yankees, Reggie Jackson, peanuts, running the bases, and JJ liked seeing the moon.  FYI- he said Derek Jeter came in second (please - nobody tell Derek that!). 

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