Monday, June 2, 2014

Little Man is in Preschool!

First off, no, I haven't quit blogging. I've just been crazy busy and my little hobby has had to take a back seat. Sometime working full time and chasing a two year just wears you out and even the little energy and brain power it takes to write a blog just can't be found. More about this at the end, but right now- on to the important stuff...

Today is a big day. Like a blog worthy day. So I will muster the energy and write this blog.  

Today is JJ's first day of preschool! I realize some of you are scratching your head because many preschools start at age 4. I'd like to say my little dude is just a genius, so he is that far ahead, but really, it is just how his daycare/ school works. They have two buildings, the infant academy and the preschool. At 2 1/2, they move them to the preschool (I think this is a Montessori thing, but I still don't fully get that concept. I just know he learns a lot and it is a good school). 

So over the past few months, some of JJ's older friends have left his room and moved up to the big kid school. He has not stopped talking about how they are at the preschool. Therefore, when we toured the preschool a few weeks ago, he was beyond excited and ready to go. Like that day. He hasn't stopped talking about it since.  

All weekend, he wanted to go to the preschool, so when we woke him up this morning and told him it was time to go, he hopped right out of bed and was dressed in record time. He chatted the whole way there and even sang a little song about how he wasn't going to his old school.  

He got ready so fast, we got there early and had plenty of time to take some fun pictures.
Hooray for Preschool!
I was a little worried that once we got inside and it was time for Mom to leave, he would get clingy. Once again, the kid proved me wrong and just took the teacher's hand and sent me out of the door.  

So there it is. I have a preschooler. Not sure how that is possible, because I'm sure he was born just a few weeks ago, but alas, it has happened.

Back to me and slacking on my blog writing.  I still love writing and I'm not ready to give it up.  However, I am ready to slow it down a bit and take back a little of my own personality.  I will keep my Facebook page dedicated to The JJ Project, but I am converting my Pinterest and Instagram back to my name.  You can (and should) still follow me on both and most of both of those pages will stick be focused on JJ.  I will still write blogs and hope that you all keep following me.  You may just have to be patient and rely on Instagram for your JJ fixes. 

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