Tuesday, April 8, 2014

There are Some Things in Life I'll Never Understand

I don't watch the news and keeping up with current events is not a big priority in my life right now. Unless People Magazine posts it on Facebook or it is the topic of the day in our office lunchroom, I probably don't know about it.

However, last week, a blogger I follow wrote this blog about a horrific news story. It was a case in Oregon where a mother beat her four-year-old son, eventually killing him, because she thought her son seemed gay.  

For the past week, this story has kept me awake at night and saddened me to my inner core. It has continued to eat at me at how a person can be so cruel and to such a young child, her own child. So I needed to get some things off my chest.

Before I start my rant, I'll note that this mother was not going to win mother of the year. It was noted she ran her home like an army and only her infant son had no signs of being abused. Her other children were also terribly abused. 

On to the rant. First of all, I just cannot fathom how somebody can hurt their child. When my child falls and skins his knee, I want to cry with him. The idea of being the one to cause his pain is just unimaginable to me. There is just no excuse to hurt your child, no matter how badly they are acting or behaving.

Second, because he seemed gay. In a Facebook message, this disgusting woman stated, "he walks and talks like it."  

Does a four-year-old walk and talk gay? I honestly can't say. But what I do believe is that at age four, kids aren't thinking about if they are going to marry a man or woman some day. They are thinking about who they are going to play with at recess and how high they can count. And if he did "act gay," to me that supports the theory that being gay is not a choice. That is not a choice a four-year-old is worried about and if he is gay, it is because of his biological make-up, not because he woke up on his fourth birthday and decided that sounded like a fun way to live his life. 

So when someone can use that as an excuse to beat their child, that is a level of ignorance and evil that I just cannot comprehend.

With that off my chest, I'll end with my hopes and dreams for my child. I hope when my son sees two men kissing, his reply is, "Ewww, gross!!" because he is in that phase where kissing is gross, not because the kissing is between two men. And I hope that when he tells me his friend went to the zoo with his two moms, the point of the story is that his friend saw a polar bear doing back flips in the water, and the fact that he went with his two moms is a non-issue. I hope that my son knows that he is welcome to love whoever he chooses. And I hope that if he chooses to love someone his same sex that he doesn't have to "come out" to me, because it was never a secret in the first place. And I hope he never ever has to hear a story in the news like this one.

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