Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Again!" and Other Favorite Toddler Phrases

JJ is a talker. Always has been and I think it is safe to assume he always will be.  

Some of the things he says are cute, some are silly, and some odd. Some he says over and over and over again.  

Since JJ likes to say his favorite things so much, I thought I'd share so everyone can "enjoy."

6. Again/ One more time! This is probably on the list for top words said by every toddler ever in the world. And "one more time" never ever ever means just "one" more time. He particularly likes to say this when it involves something that is exhausting for Mom and Dad like throwing him in the air or singing Ring Around the Rosie. 

5. What's that store?  This phrase has taught me one thing- there are a lot of banks out there. We can't drive two blocks without JJ pointing to a building and asking, "What's that store?" Many he can now recognize- like Starbucks where he knows I buy my coffee and "Old McDonalds." He's been an ace at Home Depot and Lowe's for months. But I have been truly amazed at how many times my response to that question is, "That's a bank." To which he always replies, "that's were I keep my money." I only wish we had money in every bank, kid!

4. Boys have wieners. For months JJ has been fascinated with the differences between boys and girls. He often names all of his teachers and friends and tells me if they are boys are girls. He then talks about the differences and never forgets to point out that boys have wieners. This is also often stated when he takes a bath, goes to the bathroom, changes clothes, or any other activity that reminds him that he, a boy, has a wiener.  

3.  Grills (girls) have boobs. JJ's boy/ girl fascination is not one sided. "Boys have wieners" is usually the prefix to "grills have boobs." He's a smart one!

2. Big boys poop in the toilet. He can talk the talk, but I'm still waiting for him to walk the walk!

1. What Daddy doing? By far, the most repeated phrase by JJ. I'd like to say he says this randomly, but it is usually justified to wonder what craziness Daddy is up to. For example, last night, when JJ crawled into bed with every single one of his stuffed animals, he found Daddy's face popping out as Daddy was hiding under all of those stuffed animals. "What Daddy doing?" was a darn good question. 

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