Monday, February 17, 2014

When I Grow Up

This past weekend we took a short trip to meet up with family in Huskerland. JJ was very excited to see his grandparents, cousins, and aunt and uncle. And he was just as excited to go swimming in the hotel pool. And he was even more excited to stay in a hotel - which I found quite humorous since he's never been in a hotel and really had no way to even know what a hotel was. 

I was excited to see family, but a little nervous for the drive.  It's about a three hour drive for two adults. Throw in a toddler who was just potty trained and you never know what you are going to get. I am pleased to announce JJ did darn good on the drive there. In fact, was accident free all day!  

The rest of the weekend was a lot of fun.  JJ just loved playing with his cousins and he got in the hotel pool more than once.  And most importantly, the hotel experience did not disappoint him. 

One of the highlight's was the Lincoln Children's Museum.  JJ jumped from one activity to another and proved that the possibilities for his future career are wide open.  He could end up being:

1. A marine biologist.
 2. A pilot.

 But I'm not sure I want to fly on his plane just yet after seeing this:
3. A fireman.
Although he might have to fight Dad for the job.
4. A police officer.
5. A farmer.
6. A punter (or a quarterback?).
I guess only time will tell...

In the end, the trip was a huge success.

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