Monday, February 3, 2014

Step-by-Step Process of Watching the Superbowl with a Toddler

In case you missed it (because for example you have kids that consume your life and you are completely oblivious to any happenings outside of the Mickey Mouse Club), there was a pretty big sporting event that happened yesterday.  

It wasn't a huge event in our home. We didn't plan a big party and our main goal was to not leave the house all day (which we failed). However, I grew up in Colorado watching the Broncos and you can't not love Peyton Manning, so we had high hopes of a relaxing night at home eating meatballs and chips and queso watching grown men throw around a ball and tackle one another.

Of course, when you have a two year, nothing is ever that simple. So here's my step-by-step process of how you "watch" the Superbowl with a two year old in the house. 
Step 1: About 45 minutes before kickoff, Daddy's guilt takes over because all weekend he wanted to buy a small tent to build a fort in the living in which to watch the game.  Load the family up and head to Walmart to purchase a tent.

Step 2:  Arrive home to realize you missed kick off and the fastest scoring in Superbowl history.  

Step 3: Rearrange living room and put up the tent.

Step 4: Play in the tent, try to take a cute pic.  Best you can do is this:
Step 5: Watch one commercial - of course, it is one you already saw on-line.

Step 6:  Throw together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because two year is suddenly starving and is going to DIE if he isn't fed immediately. 

Step 7: Watch Peyton throw an interception.

Step 8: Go ahead and give two year old a bath - it's not like you are catching any of the game anyway.

Step 9:  Throw a pity party, because just ONCE you'd like to sit down for 30 minutes and drink a beer and watch a football game. 

Step 10: Have a dance party to the Bruno Mars halftime show which leads to singing Ring Around the Rosie so many times that your are dizzy and your out-of-shape legs are going to be sore the next day from "All fall down" so many times.
Step 11: Instantly regret the earlier pitty party realizing that no football game is better than spending quality time with your two year old holding hands and dancing in circles. 

Step 12: Also realize you have an awesome husband when he takes the two year old out of the room so you really can have a few minutes to watch the game.  

Step 13: Also realize this is an absolute horrible game that you no longer have any desire to watch.

Step 14:  Curl up in the tent and watch Downton Abbey while husband puts two year old to bed. Touchdown!

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