Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Toddler Extreme Home Makeover

Are you addicted to HGTV?  Maybe DIY network with a little TLC mixed in?  

Maybe you don't watch those shows, but you love to upscale and remodel your home so you spend hours on end on Pinterest? 

Well, I am going to save you a ton of time and energy on all your future decorating projects thanks to what I've learned from JJ's home improvement technique.  

How much is this going to cost me you ask?  I guarantee there is no cheaper way to get a whole new look.

And the best part?  His technique is universal!  It can be used on furniture, walls, accessories, and even clothing.  

I know you are dying with anticipation...

Paint?  Noooooo.

Crayons?  Noooooo.

Stickers?  Yes!!!  (with JJ, it seems we always have two very long drawn out "nos" before we get to the "yes.")

"Stickers?" you ask.  You bet. To prove my point, I went to my ever trustworthy Pinterest to find similar projects and to show you how much simpler, easier, cost-effective, and soooo much classier JJ's approach is.  

JJ's first project was the light switch.  According to Pinterest, you can cut scrapbook paper or fabric (probably spending hours and numerous attempts to get the measurements correct), use Mod Podge (if you can afford it!), add some pretty flowers to make it look better than it actually is, and get a result like this:
With what I will from here on out refer to as The JJ Method, you open a sticker book (obviously for this project he went with a Toy Story theme), pick out three of your favorites, peel, and stick.  D-O-N-E, done. 
Now seriously, you can't tell me you like the flowery crap better than Rex, the dinosaur??

Next project - up-scaling the laundry basket.  Sadly, Pinterest didn't have many ideas, but for those that actually know how to sow and want to put your clothes in a fancy schmancy fabric laundry basket, I found this option:
The JJ Method - add a sticker that says, "I miss you" with a cute little elephant that tugs at your folks' hearts every time they see it.  The kid seriously just made laundry almost fun.
Moving on to something bigger- giving your dresser a whole new look.  If you have hours and hours, painters tape, and a little craftiness, I suppose you could follow the instructions on Pinterest and do something a little like this:
Or... you could redecorate three dressers (sorry, just two pictured) in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost and get a completely new look.  Added bonus- you can have one dresser themed with Toy Story, another with Cars, and even another with Superheros.  The possibilities are truly endless.  

JJ's next big adventure was redocorating his step stool.  This was a big project because he uses this stool every single time he washes his hands and brushes his teeth.  He did not take this project lightly.  For the stool decor, a Pinterest search showed you could use a cheap Ikea stool (Pinterest folks just love up-scaling Ikea, don't they?) again with some scrapbook paper and Mod Podge (also Pinterest faves) and come up with something like this:
JJ stuck to his favorite Toy Story theme, chose to place the stickers in a random pattern, utilizing only the top step to come up with an edgy modern vibe.  Ta-freaking-da!
Last, but definitely not least, JJ has realized his decorating potential can be used for gifts.  Sure, he could have gotten on Pinterest and tried something like this (likely also found on ETSY).
But he went with what he knew would truly mean the most to me.  The sticker of Thor he added to my iPhone case touched a special place in my heart.  A gift that will forever be hard to top.  
I would be so proud if that was the extent of JJ's talent, but he has pushed himself even further.  On more than one occasion, he has added that special sticker touch to my work suit. Most just assume a necklace or earrings will add that touch, but JJ knew better. He knew that a fish or a dinosaur was really what my outfit needed to look top notch. I think the added professionalism with my wardrobe will definitely help advance my career and for that, I can never repay him.

But if I do, it will be in stickers. 

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  1. So funny! I did a similar post a while back about how my house was turning into an art museum with all the art work that was being displayed every crayon drawings on various surfaces. One day we will have pretty houses like they have on pinterest, right? ;) -Meredith @ Perfection Pending


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