Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This One is Pee Your Pants Funny!

Sometimes, a two year old can ask an innocent question that seems so logical to them, but to an adult is just too funny not to share.  So here goes.

As I've written about many many times before (like here and here), bedtime with JJ has always been a struggle. Ever since we moved up to the twin bed, it has been much better. We have a pretty good routine established and for the most part, bedtime occurs with little to no struggles.  

As part of the routine, Jeff and I take turns every other night laying in bed with JJ while he falls asleep. Typically, I enjoy this time with him and often times it can be quite humorous. He's not one to fall asleep quickly, so sometimes he spends time talking to himself about his day, practicing karate, or just cuddling and telling me he loves me. 

The problem with this routine is that since I don't get to watch my favorite shows (like Downton Abbey and The Bachelor) while he is awake; I have to watch them after he falls asleep or every other night after his bedtime. JJ's bedtime is 9:00 and quite honestly, I'd like mine to be shortly after that.  And after laying in bed with him for at least 30 minutes (which is usually wishful thinking), I'm too sleepy to stay up and start anything.

This past Sunday, Downton Abbey had a two hour premiere and The Bachelor had some sort of special show (which I've yet to find time to watch) followed by the two hour premiere Monday night. With just those two shows, I'm already way behind schedule.  I got to watch the first hour of Downton Sunday night and Monday night I was dying to see the final hour.  Alas, it was my turn to lay with JJ.

After about two minutes of laying with him, he had his typical request for water. Surprisingly, when we leave the room to get water (which admittedly often takes up to five minutes somehow), he stays in his bed. When I returned with his water, my desperation to find out what happened on the second hour of Downton overpowered my common sense and I decided to push my luck. I told JJ I had to go potty and I would "be right back."  My hope was that he would fall asleep while waiting for me to "be right back." 

No such luck.  He made it about 20 minutes, but then I heard him attempting to open his door right as Lady Mary was coming out of mourning.  I paused the TV and headed into his room.  

Due to my wishful thinking, I'd ditched my sweatpants and climbed into bed in a t-shirt and underwear. Hence, I entered JJ's room sans pants.  Since I left the room wearing pants and left to go potty, I guess he came up with the only logical solution...

He looked at me with wide eyes and asked, "Mommy, you pee your pants?"

Because why else wouldn't I have pants on?

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