Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Potty Training - Some Funny Shit (literally!)

About five days ago, we started potty training JJ. We decided to go all in with the Three Day Method-which is clearly not happening in three days. I plan to write a full post about the whole crazy process, but as it is still a work-in-progress, I figured I'd hold off until I had an ending (good or bad) to the story.

In the mean time, this process has not been without some funny moments (we are talking about a toddler and pooping - hilarity must ensue), so I thought I'd share some of those.

1. Farting. For months, JJ has not hesitated to let us know when he rips one. He also finds it appropriate to call Mom and Dad out when we rip one. What I did not expect was trying to explain the concept of farting to JJ. Since literally seeing progress is a big part of potty training, we always look in the potty seat to see the pee or poop that lands there. On day one during one of the many many many sittings, JJ ripped one. He was proud. He got a big grin, yelled out, "I fart!" and stood up to see the fart in the potty seat. Which resulted in a lot of laughter from mom and a lot of confusion for JJ.

2. Baking soda and pee. Since potty training involves staying in the house for three days straight, I planned some special activities to help us kill some time. One of those (that I tested way back in this post) was putting baking soda in a large dish and spraying it with vinegar. My creativity peaked this time and I added food coloring to the vinegar (I know- getting pretty wild and crazy!). When you pour the vinegar on the baking soda it fizzes up. Keeps a kid entertained for hours (and really pisses him off when you run out of vinegar). Anyway - we did this in the morning of Day One, so JJ was naked from the waste down and still pretty clueless about the whole toilet thing. In case you are wondering, pee does not fizz when it hits baking soda.

3.  Pee, poop, potty, toilet, fart. Yes, for three days straight those are pretty much the words that consumed my vocabulary. At end of Day One, Jeff asked me how many times I said "potty" throughout the day.  My guess was 300.  I think I seriously underestimated.  Poop (just one more time for good measure). 

I'm sure there are more good times to come and more toilet talk in my future.  Seriously- I haven't been this close with the toilet since college.

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