Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas in Mississippi, Part 3 - Christmas

We survived The Airplane.  We saw The Sights.  Finally - Christmas has come!

Actually, Santa came to Mississippi a little early this year- and brought JJ a cold with a nasty cough.  Being the first time (and last time) parents that we are, we did not come prepared. Since the poor child is prone to chest coughs, we are the proud owners of a nebulizer and the fish face mask that comes with it. However, the nebulizer doesn't do a lot of good when it is states away. Fortunately, JJ's great grandma is also a proud owner of a nebulizer, so with a quick call to the pediatrician back home, a trip to Walgreens for some meds, and a quick stop at a medical supply store for a new fish face mask, we had everything we needed. Throw in some Ibuprofen and some Pedialite and we were good to go by the time Christmas rolled around.

JJ is two. And barely two. To a parent at Christmas, this means that he is not quite old enough to understand the concept of "be good or Santa won't bring you presents." So unfortunately, I wasn't able to hold Santa over his head for weeks. However, on Christmas Eve at bedtime when I told him if he went right to bed Santa would bring him presents in the morning, it worked like a charm. Only one night, but I'll take anything that makes bedtime a little easier. 

Thanks to the cold that was still lingering, JJ slept in later than ever! I don't wish a cold on the kid, but it was probably the last time I'll be able to sleep in on Christmas morning until he is a teenager, so I'm going to take it!

Once he finally woke up, JJ was very excited to open presents. However, thanks to Dad and Grandma having no interest in actually waiting until Christmas to open presents (a battle I fought hard, but lost), by the time Christmas actually arrived, JJ was a present opening pro. He still loved every minute of it.

He now has every superhero (and the pajamas, underwear, and books to go with them) under the sky.  He also has a lifetime supply of books, and Dad's favorite, his first baseball glove.  

But the giving did not stop with the toys.  After a delicious lunch of the traditional Christmas foods and gumbo (we were in the South), JJ was also given an allergic reaction to a family dog.  The dog loved JJ so much (can't blame him) that he ran right up and licked JJ on the face.  It didn't take long for the eyes to turn red and watery and for the search for an open store to buy Benadryl to begin.  Turns out, another trip to our local Walgreens was added to our Christmas adventures.  

Overall, we had a wonderful time and a delightfully uneventful flight home.  Thanks to all the family in Mississippi for spoiling us all (even though you made packing our luggage to come home very difficult!). 

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