Thursday, December 19, 2013

Multiple Personalities of a Two Year Old

Although JJ has been two for only a few short weeks, I've realized he has already developed multiple personalities. Don't worry - I'm not thinking like crazy Marlena back on Days of Our Lives or anything that is going to end him up in an institution. Just typical two year old tactics that are hilarious, sweet, or smart- whichever amazing persona he is putting on at the time.  

Let me give a few examples:

1. Smart (and a little funny). Last weekend, JJ and I decided we didn't care that it is the middle of winter and miserable outside. We decided we love to swim. We found an awesome indoor pool nearby and dove right in! After our swim, we went into the family locker room and into our own little private room where JJ quickly discovered his voice echoed and the louder he talked, the more it echoed. For the most part, he loudly told me, "Mommy, it's loud."  or "Mommy, it's wet." However, when it was my turn to change out of my swimsuit and into my clothes, the smart little guy proved to all of those outside our little room that he is knowledgeable about the human anatomy and very loudly pointed out, "Mommy, those are your boobies." And like with anything a toddler says,  they must repeat it several times. Loudly. So smart, JJ. So smart.

2. Helpful.  As JJ was flying Buzz Lightyear around the room, he stopped and looked at his back side. He pointed at it and told me that Buzz poopy. Of course, I seized this as a learning opportunity and tell JJ that if Buzz needs to poop, he should go to the potty. Without missing a beat, JJ takes Buzz up to the bathroom and I hear the little potty seat moving around. Then I don't hear anything. Silence is always a little scary in the home of toddler and visions of Buzz in the toilet start going through my mind. I head upstairs to find the bathroom empty. I go into JJ's room and there is Buzz laying on the changing table. JJ has a diaper in one hand and is working on opening the wipes with the other. Apparently, even after a space ranger poops, he needs a clean diaper.

3. Hilarious, naughty, and sweet all rolled together in one. After bath, JJ loves to run around naked. He yells out for the world to hear, "I"m naked!" and darts all over the house with a giant grin. I don't want to be the mom that deprives the kid of some good ole naked time, so I allow it. For a while. However, when he's run enough and I begin to fear what his untrained bladder might do the carpet, I calm it down. The other night, JJ calmed down, but was absolutely adamant that he was not putting on a diaper. I reasoned with him (as much as one can reason with a two year old) and it got to the point that I had to threaten him with Time Out. Naughty JJ continued and we ended up in our first naked Time Out. After a minute or two, I asked him if he was ready to put on his diaper. He gave me a very firm, "No!" I informed him I would be in his room and when he was ready to put on a diaper, he could join me there. Until then, he could stay in Time Out. About 30 seconds later, my very sweet boy entered his room and told me, "I want to make happy choices" and laid down for his diaper. The sweetness about broke my heart.  

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