Tuesday, December 3, 2013

JJ 2.0

JJ is two!  He won't tell you that.  When you ask him how old he is he tells you he is "JJ Elliott."  One time he told me he was "seben," but that is the closest we've gotten. Anyway, that didn't stop us from celebrating.

Last week, I wrote about my love/ hate relationship with Pinterest here and warned you his party would not be Pinterest worthy- and it was not.  However, we still had fun and the kid came away with more toys than he will ever know what to do with.  

The theme was superheros and every superhero has to have a cape, so I managed to make these capes with matching masks and wrist cuffs for JJ and his cousins.  This was about as Pinteresty as this party got!
JJ's grandma had this awesome cake made and I threw in some snacks and superhero decorations.  If you ask me, any table with cake, puppy chow, and M&M's is awesome even if it doesn't look like the crazy spreads on Pinterest.
Of course, JJ wanted nothing to do with the awesome cape I made for him, but his cousins put on their best superhero faces and enjoyed the theme (and yes, with three adults trying to get a good picture, this was the best we could do).
It took a little help from Daddy and his cousin, Kinley, but we eventually got the candles blown out.
And it was pretty darn delicious- he especially liked the frosting.

So Happy Birthday to my big two year old superhero!

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