Thursday, December 5, 2013

"I Drive"

Some families have artistic genes or athletic genes that are passed from generation to generation.  In my family, the car gene has been passed down through the years.  

I think it started with my maternal grandpa, "Papa."  The man has just always had a love for good looking cars. When my mom and dad procreated, my dad's car gene added in the mix and it was multiplied with my siblings and me.  

We grew up watching my mom and my dad tractor pull (yes, my mom, too) and as soon as my brother was old enough, he got behind the wheel of the tractors, too.  My dad no longer pulls, but his weekends are now filled with car shows and classic cars.  My brother has moved on to dirt track racing, and my mom, my sister, and I just like to drive our everyday cars, but we won't turn down a little speed now and then. 

Apparently, this gene does not skip generations, because after a weekend with his grandparents, JJ has proven his love for driving as well.  And lucky for him, my stepdad has a variety of "vehicles" that JJ was allowed to "drive."  

Before you enjoy my very first video compilation, I just want to point out that these are special circumstances and I am very adamant about JJ always being in his carseat.  I guarantee you, there was absolutely zero chance of any danger.  Having said that, enjoy JJ's weekend "drives."  
And in case you don't speak toddler, he drove a combine, an airplane (but due to a small plane and big winds, we stayed on the ground), a van, and a four wheeler.  Not too shabby!

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