Monday, November 4, 2013

Where Did My Baby Go?

What's the advice you hear as a parent about 12,000 times in the first year of parenthood?

Enjoy every minute, it goes by way too fast.  

I've realized the truth in that statement many a times, but last night was a tough one for me.

I've written about the sleep struggles we've had with JJ. If you missed it, you can read about it here first, then here. I'll update that issue soon, but that's not really what this post is about. But it is related because due to those struggles, yesterday, my 23 month old little baby boy got a big boy bed.

If you've followed the struggles, you are probably thinking he already has a big boy bed. Well, he had a toddler bed, but we even cruised past that and he is now sleeping in a big kid twin sized bed. Causing a huge reality check for dear old Mom.

Sure the bed is bigger and my little baby looks itty bitty in it - kind of like he used to look in his crib. The hard part is that with the new bed comes new bedding. And a new theme in his room. My little baby is now too big for little turtles on his walls and curtains. His light blue baby crib bedding is now stored away in a bin in the basement.

So as Dad was putting together the new bed, Mom was pulling down the turtle decals off the wall and folding up the turtle rug on the floor.

With each turtle I pulled down I was hit a little harder that time really has flown by my little baby is now a chatterbox boy that loves to run fast and eat macaroni.

I was hit by the fact that my baby that I used to rock to sleep and lay down oh so carefully in his crib as to not wake him, now climbs in and out of his own bed and talks himself to sleep.

I was hit by the fact that cuddly blankets are quickly being replaced by footballs and superheros.

I was hit by the fact that I no longer have a baby boy, but an amazing growing toddler who fortunately still loves to cuddle with his mom, still runs to me when he gets hurt, and who wakes up telling me, "I love YOU!"
So here's to taking that advice and enjoying every single minute.

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