Saturday, November 23, 2013

Teaching a Toddler the Important Things in Life

After a night of teaching JJ how to flick boogers, I once again found myself thankful to have daycare to teach him the important stuff, because I'm not sure how far being a top notch booger flicker will get one in this world.

I've written before here why I think my little man is better off at daycare and how I'm just not built to be a stay at home mom. Again- props to those that do stay home, because I know my days behind a desk are much less exhausting than yours!

So I started reflecting about the things JJ has learned at daycare recently vs. what we have taught him at home.  Don't get me wrong - I'll toot my own horn and tell you that I think I'm an absolutely amazing mom (and I think Jeff is an equally amazing dad), but after reviewing the sources of his latest lessons and milestones, I think we will all agree, the best parenting decision we ever made was to let someone else guide our child through some learning processes.

Here's the evidence:

Things JJ has learned at daycare:
1. He can count to 10 (even 11 or 12 sometimes).
2. He can count to 10 in Spanish.
3. He knows all his shapes (and, admittedly, it was a little embarrassing when he threw out "octagon" and I had to stop and count the sides to make sure he was right!)
4. He knows all his colors.
5. He calls water "agua" and milk "leche."
6. He can tell you his first, middle, and last name - and those of all of his friends.
7. He can sing the ABCs (well- as good as any almost two year old can) and other songs like the Bumble Bee Song and Bah Bah Black Sheep.
8. He knows how to sweep with a broom and push a vacuum (again - as good any toddler really can).
9. He knows to throw his sippy cup in the sink when he is finished with it.
10. He can say most of the days of the week and can say the months (usually) through September.

Things JJ has learned at home:
1. He knows every single superhero and every character in Monsters, Inc., Monsters University, Monsters vs. Aliens, Puss in Boots, Despicable Me, Mega Mind, and all three Toy Stories.  In my defense, he learned the Monsters University folks from a book!
2. He knows how to roll up play dough so it looks like a "wiener" (and I'm not talking about a hot dog wiener).*
3. He knows how to say, "Open Sesame" when walking up to Target to get the doors to open.
4. He likes to yell "Poop butt!" while in any public place.*
5. He knows that waffles go in the toaster and pancakes go in the microwave (clearly we don't do the homemade type!).
6. He knows how to swing a mean baseball bat.*
7. He can sing Selena Gomez's song, "Come and Get It" (he likes the na na na nas) and Katie Perry's "Roar."
8. He knows who Bill Murray is thanks to his Chive shirt.*
9. He knows how to wipe his balls with a baby wipe during a diaper change and to bend over and put his hands on the stool so I can wipe his butt after a poop that actually makes it into the toilet.
10. He knows to call you out when you fart out loud.
* JJ's daddy gets full credit for these milestones!

So maybe I'm not the best "teacher" for my kid, but our life isn't short of fun. Still...Amen for daycare! Who's with me?

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