Friday, November 8, 2013

No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

After many many bed time struggles (read more here first, then here), JJ has slowly adjusted to having a toddler bed and being able to climb in and out on his own.  He has also adjusted to having Mom or Dad laying next to him while he falls asleep.

I actually enjoy laying with him each night, but laying on the floor with my head propped up on his little toddler bed just wasn't working for me.  And it definitely wasn't working for Dad.

Therefore, it was time to start shopping for a big ole twin size bed.  It was a given we were going to move to a sports theme.  Jeff wanted a sports themed room from the start, but I was adamant I wanted more of a baby theme while he was little, so until now, he's had adorable little brown and baby blue turtles.  Well, turtles no more.

We headed to Nebraska Furniture Mart to search for a mattress.  As with every outing with JJ, it was an event.  JJ loved telling everyone, "My get a new bed!"  He also tested the mattresses out like a pro.

When we got home, he and Jeff went to work putting the bed together.  I'm not sure how much help JJ really was, but he sure loved helping Dad.  And I think they both thought they were pretty cool in their matching Keep Calm and Chive On shirts.

Once we got the bedding on, JJ had a blast pointing out all the balls.  Once he quit jumping and settled down, it was time to cuddle up with Daddy and read a book.
Project new bed = success.

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