Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Love/ Hate Relationship with Pinterest

You know what I love?  Pinterest.  Guess what I hate?  Pinterest.

Here's why.  There are so many cool ideas and recipes and crafts and it inspires me to try and to do new things.  However, reality sets in and I have no time and very little talent, so I end up trying about two out of every 1,000 pins I put on my boards.

Don't get me wrong- I've had some successes.  I've found some awesome play ideas for JJ.  I even tested five of the easiest toddler activities I could find and wrote a blog about it here.  And the pin to that post is still making its way around my beloved (and oh so hated) Pinterest.

I've also found some recipes I love and had a few successful crafts.

The problem I have (the hate side of this whole thing) is Pinterest has seriously raised the bar for all big events in life.  If you are pregnant - you now have to have some special announcement like this:

and if you actually have a baby or get married, the ideas and expectations are out of this world.

So here I am trying to plan JJ's 2nd birthday party.  I really want my son to have the best, but I keep seeing parties like this:

With table spreads like this:

And cakes like this:

Oh- and you have to have the professional photographer so you can get pictures like this:

Do you know what JJ's smash cake picture looked like?  Like this:

Yep - wrinkled sheet with a picture taken on my iPhone.  And trust me, this was pretty darn good for me.  I mean - I was seriously at the top of my game here.

So next week when I post pictures of JJ's Superhero Party, please have realistic expectations, not Pinterest worthy expectations.  Because this:

probably ain't happenin'!

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  1. I can SO relate. Pinterest is something I love/hate. And, you know what we are doing for our birthday party for my little guy? We're going to a food court where they have a play area, letting them run around, and then eating cake. That's it!! So, no pinterest worthy photos for me coming out of that party. It's OK though, they know they are loved, right? Thanks so much for linking up!!

    1. That sounds like an awesome party - no work for you and he'll love it!

  2. I like to throw a good party, but Pinterest is ridiculous. I recently helped at my son's school Halloween party, and it had a serious case of Pinterest overkill. The kids didn't even notice all the little details these parents had spent so much time on. So silly.

    1. So true! I think we do it more for our own entertainment. They just want to open presents and eat cake!


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