Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Boy and his... Egg?

Toddlers can be so weird. And mine is no exception. I love the little guy to death, but his latest obsession is just bizarre.

I think it started when he started watching Puss in Boots. He was instantly intrigued by "Humpy Dumpy." Sometime shortly after that, he somehow figured out there were eggs in the carton way up at the top of the fridge. Every now and then when the fridge was open, he would ask to "See the eggs."

No big deal, but then it started to happen more frequently.  He'd walk past the fridge and instantly have the need to "See the eggs." So every time, we would pull the eggs out, he would look at them all.  Some he would very carefully pick up, some he would pet. I think he even kissed a few. I tried to tell him they were just eggs and they all looked the same.  Every. Single. Time. But, alas, he still needed to "See the eggs."

This obsession went so far, that one night, the hubby drew a face on one of the eggs and called him Humpy Dumpy. Unfortunately, Humpy was dropped out of JJ's clumsy toddler hand. We held a very brief funeral for Humpy- as though we had lost our first family pet.

Did the egg obsession stop there? Of course, not!  Now, we will be sitting quietly, playing in the living room or watching a show and JJ will jump up and run to the kitchen.  Time to "See the eggs." Recently, after seeing the eggs, JJ got particularly close to one of them and insisted on holding onto it. Yep, just hung out with the egg while watching some TV.
Luckily, the one he picked was hard-boiled, because he even insisted on taking the egg to bed with him.

Due to my fear that JJ would take an egg to bed or hide one somewhere that would cause me to live with a smell of rot until the lost egg was located, I searched the toy department at Target for fake eggs.  Yes, it has gone this far.  Unfortunately, fake eggs are harder to find than one would imagine.  I found this:
As tempted as I was to buy my son the pink shopping cart for $13, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I think deep down, it wasn't the $13 I was avoiding, but the wishful thinking that this egg obsession would end and the fake eggs just really wouldn't be necessary.

No such luck. This past weekend, my mom was in town to hang out with JJ while I spent the weekend getting one of my besties hitched. When I got home from the wedding, I asked Mom how the night went. Her reply, "All was great. We spent a lot of time just hanging out with the eggs." That's a report from a babysitter I never thought I'd hear.

So the egg obsession continues and who knows how long it will last. I guess until the next weird toddler obsession begins.

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  1. Have you seen these? You can order them from Amazon . . . :) http://www.amazon.com/Tomy-TY1581-Hide-Squeak-Eggs/dp/B00068Q7LC

    1. He might just be getting those for his birthday!

  2. haha!! That's hilarious. And a very strange obsession! Toddlers ARE weird!! Thanks for joining my link up too! I'd love it if you could link back to my post too. That would be awesome. :)


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