Thursday, October 24, 2013

Six Easy Steps to Decorating a Pumpkin with a Toddler

So you don't want to hand your toddler a knife and let him go to town on his pumpkin? No problem. I've created a pictorial manual on how to decorate a pumpkin with a toddler.

Step 1:  Take the toddler to a pumpkin patch.  Hold him high so he can see all the thousands of pumpkins.  
Step 2: Spend at least two hours roaming through the pumpkins and comparing them all until you finally decide on the perfect pumpkin. Warning: Toddlers take this step VERY seriously!
Step 3: Let said toddler attempt to carry the pumpkins.  He will be quite determined and insist on carrying it even though it is way too heavy for his little toddler muscles -so plan on at least 45 minutes to get the pumpkin to the check-out station.
Step 4: Load the pumpkins into the wheel barrel, along with the toddler, so that he may protect the pumpkins during the check out process.

Step 5: Dump a bunch of paint on the pumpkin and allow the toddler to decorate to his heart's content. It's okay- that stuff is washable!
Step 6: Enjoy the best looking pumpkin you have ever seen!

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