Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Just Another Day at Walmart

Here's the deal. In the Target/ Walmart battle for my heart, Target wins by leaps and bounds. If I die never going into Walmart again, I will not feel as though I have missed out.  In my experience, Walmarts are crowded and for some reason the shoppers there (not you- just everyone else) are just plain rude.

So I'd like to say I'll just stick with Target and this blog post would be done. But it's just not that simple. Here's why. Since I have a kiddo that I'm often hauling around with me to run errands, I have become a one stop shop kind of girl. There's no, "I'll go to Target for laundry detergent, the grocery store for meat, and Aldi for milk so I can save 30 cents." There is, "I'll go to Walmart or Target and get it all. Period."

This leads me to my weekly weekend battle. As I drive up the street and see Walmart on my left and Target on my right, every ounce of my being wants me to turn right and go to Target. However, the Mom in me knows that the Target food section isn't up to par, and in that department, Walmart has the goods. Therefore, Walmart usually wins out and I take the left turn.

Recently, that left turn has made me wonder what it is about Walmart that attracts the crazies?  I cannot recall a time that I've ever had a bad experience with another shopper at Target.  At Walmart, I'm two for two in the last two weeks.

Incident #1
As we walk in the store, Jeff agrees to take JJ and heads in one direction, while I do a quick glance in another department.  We meet up in the toy section.  Jeff starts telling me a story that goes a little something like this, "So I'm by the pharmacy trying to get my Five Hour Energy and there are two ladies standing in front of it in line for the pharmacy."  That is about all he gets out when from around the corner pop out these two ladies. They instantly start in on him. "You still aren't over this?  What is wrong with you?  You have issues!" I'm like a deer in the headlights.  I don't even know what happened by the pharmacy, but I'm suddenly learning from Walmart shoppers that my husband of three years has issues. Crap.

There's a little back and forth where Jeff says he was just telling his wife what happened and he couldn't go around because they were in front of the item he needed. They kept saying he could have just gone around the aisle, but Jeff doesn't back down.  I'm slowly figuring out what happened and I'm thinking at any time they will turn and leave, but no, they walk down the aisle we are in (clearly not needing anything in that aisle) and one of them turns to me (still a deer) and looks down at JJ, who is innocently playing with a tractor and says, "I hope your son turns out to be a better man than your husband."  And line crossed, lady!

If you don't know me, I'm not a confrontational person. In fact, I avoid it all costs.  But don't bring my innocent son into an argument and don't think I won't stand up for my man.  I calmly reply, "I hope my son grows up to be exactly like my husband," as the women very slowly go on their way.

As big as Walmart is, somehow we kept running into them throughout our shopping experience, which I'm sure to them meant the family with "issues" was harassing them, but we somehow managed to make it out without any black eyes or arrest records.

Incident #2
Let me preface this incident by saying that my son will not sit in a shopping cart.  Same goes for the stroller, high chairs at restaurants, and any other seat designed for toddlers.  Feel free to criticize me and say I should have trained him better, but believe me, I tried and I finally accepted that it is what it is.

So when we go shopping, aside for the few minutes I can bribe him to stay in the cart while I stuff Oreos down his throat (yes, feel free to criticize this, too - no skin off my back) he is usually that kid that is running wild through the aisles.

I do my best to contain him and he is usually not too much of a problem.  In fact, on a recent trip to Target, other shoppers were laughing with us and saying how cute he is.  At Walmart, I get glares and eye rolls non-stop.

During our last trip, he actually stayed in the cart the majority of the time, but towards the end as we were going through the frozen foods, he informed me he was, "All done," and started to climb out of the cart.  I let him out, and although he was admittedly a little wild, for the most part he stayed by my side.  As we approach the end of the aisle, we had one of those moments where we almost run into another cart that is turning into our aisle right as we exit - happens all the time, right?  Well apparently not for this lady.

She looks down at JJ, then gives me a simultaneous glare, grunt, and arm flail. Necessary?  I think not.  In my non-confrontational, passive aggressive manner, I tell JJ, "We better say, 'Excuse me.'  IT'S NOT NICE TO BE RUDE!" Think she got the hint?  I doubt it.

So where do I go from here?  Will I stop shopping at Walmart?  No. I once heard Ellen say (we only need a first name for Ellen, right?) that people were shocked she went to Target, but she has to go there because that's where they have the stuff! That is pretty much how I feel about Walmart, I have to go there because they have the stuff.

I guess what I learn from this is in order to get the Mickey Mouse shaped cheese and economy size bag of pancakes that you can only get at Walmart, sometimes you just have to put up with the crazies.  Oh the sacrifices we make for our children...

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