Monday, October 21, 2013

Dear Mommy

I recently saw this blog post with a letter from a two year old on Mamalode and it got me thinking.  I wonder what JJ would say to me if he could write me a letter? I was inspired.

It didn't take me long to realize he would probably have plenty to say (wonder where he gets that). I'm guessing it would go a little something like this...
Toddler letter to Mom
Dear Mommy,

First things first. Why do you bother putting meat and veggies on my plate? You know I'm not going to eat anything but macaroni and waffles. It doesn't matter that I'll eat anything they serve at daycare. At home, I want macaroni - every meal, every day.  Simple as that.

Next - bed time. I don't like it. I want to stay up and run circles around the living room all night. Why do you put me in that bed when you know I'm just going to get out and run back to the living room? I'll go to bed when I am good and ready.

And along those lines, quit waking me up in the morning.  I don't care if you are going to be late for work. It's probably safe to assume I stayed up too late last night, therefore, I want to sleep in.

And when you drop me off at daycare, I will continue to cry every morning because I love you so darn much, Mom, and I just can't stand the thought of you leaving me.  Sure, once you are gone for 30 seconds I've moved on and I have a grand ole time with my friends, but I'm going to keep crying every morning so that you feel guilty all day for leaving me.

And just a few more things:
1.  I love pumpkins.  Buy me more pumpkins.
2.  I also love the Elmo brushing teeth video and we will be watching it at least 30 times a day for the next 37 days. Accept it.
3. Jeans suck.  Please just put me in my comfy pantalones from now on.
4. I know diapers are for babies, but you are totes cray cray if you think I'm wearing those big boy undies you keep trying to put on me.
5. You're more funny than Dad.  Just sayin'.
6. If you ever take me back to Sport Clips, I am disowning you.
7. Stickers.  More stickers.
8. And more Elmo brushing teeth video, in case you forgot.

Having said all that, I love you more than I love Woody, Buzz, Megamind, Ironman, and macaroni combined.

Your adorable son,


P.S. Sorry I yelled "I'm poopin'!" really really loud in the middle of Target the other day.

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  1. This is A-DOR-A-BLE! And so is that boy of yours! :-)


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