Monday, October 28, 2013

Dear JJ

Last week JJ wrote me a letter. If you missed it, you can go back and read it here. I felt it is my duty as a mother to respond. So here goes...

Dear JJ,

First things first. I will continue to put meat and veggies on your plate because I am stubborn and I will not give up trying to make you as healthy as possible. I realize there are kids in starving countries that would love to have all this food that is being wasted when you don't touch it, but, frankly, that is on you, kid.

Next - bed time. You are 22 months old. You have a bed time and will for many many years to come. If you choose to roll around in your bed and stare at the stars on the ceiling, again, that is on you. But know right now, that I will continue to wake you up in the morning, because Mommy has to go to work so we can afford to get you all those toys that make you so happy and all those veggies you refuse to eat.

Now it's my turn. Son, I adore you so much, but if you could stay in a shopping cart for more than 30 seconds, that would make Mommy a very happy lady. And if you could ask for milk without the winey, fussy voice, I would greatly enjoy that.  I promise - no matter how you ask, if you want milk, I will give it to you. And while I'm at it- you know when you have to poop. Just tell me before you poop- not while you poop- and I'll take you to the potty. I'll even wipe your ass for you when you are done.

Also, it is a little weird that you always want to see the eggs in the fridge.  They are just eggs - you don't need to pet them and tell them goodnight.  However, I'm sorry you dropped the "Humpy Dumpy" egg down the drain (you know- the one Daddy drew a face on for you).  I will admit, I thought his funeral was very nice.

And just a few more things:
1. I love it when you come in bed with Daddy and I tonight, but if you could sleep vertically, that would be much appreciated.
2. I hate the Elmo brushing teeth video.  But I love you, so I will gladly watch it with you 30 times a day for the next 37 days.  But then we are D-O-N-E done.
3. I apologize for ever taking you to Sport Clips.  It will never ever happen again.
4.  I know my name is Cassidi, but it is cute that you tell me that all the time.

Having said all that, I love you more than I love wine, sleeping in, ice cream, and Downton Abbey combined.

Your loving mother,


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