Monday, October 14, 2013

And the Transition to the Toddler Bed Goes Down the Toilet

Five days.  Five whole days that the toddler bed made bed time easy.  Before we go on, if you didn't read my last post about our transition to a toddler bed, check it out here to get caught up.

It was awesome for those five days.  JJ laid down in his bed and went to sleep with no crying, no struggle.  Then all of a sudden, it all just fell apart.  Don't ask me why.  We had the same bedtime routine as always, but when I took JJ up to his bed, he pulled the same thing he did in his old crib- put his hands and feet down before he could even lay down and was out of that bed faster than Metro Man can fly to save the day on Megamind (yes, we are still watching A LOT of Megamind!).

After a few attempts, we did the toddler bed version of sort of crying it out.  We let him cry in his room for a few minutes and then he got in his bed and went to sleep.  Not fun, but could have been worse. The problem has been that each night it has gotten worse.  He cries more and fights it worse each night. And in the mean time, he's learned to open his door so that has added yet another issue.

Last night,  we started the bedtime routine around 8:30, as usual.  Around 10:15, the battle ended and JJ was finally asleep.  We've tried it all - books, movies, laying in bed with him, night light, no night light, music and stars, no music and stars, toys in bed, door shut, door open.  I even went to the library and got books and a DVD about bedtime.  And he loves them!  He points at Nelly in her bed and we talk about how she just lays down and goes to sleep.  We say goodnight to Megamind, his toys, the stars you name it.  But then we get to bed and all of that prep work is immediately forgotten and all he can think is, "My run fast!"

I'm at my wits end.  I like to go to bed early, so fighting this fight at the end of each day is driving me crazy.  The only thing that is getting me through these nights is my hubs.  I'll be honest, the man has absolutely no patience when it comes to idiot drivers, but he is amazingly patient when it comes to getting this kid to sleep.  I am not amazingly patient.  I am about as far as you can get from amazingly patient. I just want to go to bed. I just want my kid to go to bed.

So give me advice - any advice - anything that may or may not work to help this kid go to sleep at night.  I'm begging of you - I need help!  I feel like I've tried it all, so it will be a challenge for you to come up with something I haven't tried, but if you give me a solution - even if it also only lasts for another five days - I'll be eternally grateful!

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  1. I have this same kid. I don't mean to offer no hope, but he is 4 and last night he came into my room twice once because it was "too dark" even though he has 3, count them, THREE nightlights and once because he was sure he heard a coyote. We live in the middle of the suburbs and I am quite sure he's never even heard a coyote unless you count the one that chases the roadrunner and holds up signs instead of making noise. Ok, having said that, the only thing that has helped up remotely is that he found a comfort object. He has "gigi's" (which are truthfully burp cloths) that he snuggles with. And they help most of the time. Just not when there are coyotes outside of his room.

    1. JJ's never really had a lovey. The closest he's come is his Yankee's hat and his Woody from Toy Story. Woody was his sleeping pal for a while, but like every other trick we've tried, he lost his touch after a few nights. I guess they all will grow up and learn to go to sleep at some point!

  2. Check out Mommy Shorts recent blogs on her journey down the sleep training trail. One of the first things that I noticed when I read your story was that the bedtime TIME may be a bit too late. 8:15 is late for a little fellow? Anyway, I think Mommy Shorts might have some ideas that may work for JJ.

    1. I follow Mommy Shorts and remember reading that and thinking there is no way on earth my kid would go to sleep that early. Maybe I'm wrong, but the kid is a night owl. Thanks for the suggestion!


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