Thursday, September 5, 2013

When is Dress Like a Pimp Day?

Each day last week, the kids at daycare got to dress up according to this schedule:

Monday: Pajama Day
Tuesday: Superhero Day
Wednesday: Hat Day
Thursday: Wacky Outfit Day
Friday: Favorite Sports Team

Here is what JJ looked like each day.
Yeah - not the best pictures the kid has ever taken.  Apparently, he's not into getting his picture taken first thing in the morning, so this was the best I could do.  I at least combined them all into one to make it a little less painful for the viewers of my crappy photography.  You are welcome.

Moving on.  Of course, I have a few thoughts on all of these themes, so let me share...

Pajama Day. Seriously- this has to be the coolest day ever.  Can you imagine just hanging out in your pajamas all day?  That would be awesome.  I need to talk to my boss about when our pajama day will be at work.  Actually, now that I think about it, I've experienced pajama day.  I called it maternity leave. 

Superhero Day.  What kid doesn't want to look like a superhero?  JJ sure did.  Right now he is into Spiderman (but wore that for pajama day), Ironman, and Superman.  Jeff found these awesome Superman pajamas so our kid was super lucky (pun intended) because he got to be Superman and wear pajamas again. Lucky little fart!

Hat Day.  Since JJ's dad won't allow him to wear any other hat, it was a given he would wear his Yankees hat.  He wasn't complaining - the kid loves that hat.  Smart kid!  I just want to ask the teachers how long the kids actually kept their hats on.  I'm willing to bet JJ won for wearing it the longest with a time of about three minutes.  

Wacky Outfit Day.  I failed as a mother for wacky outfit day, hence no picture of JJ in a wacky outfit.  I can act silly and stupid with the best of them, but dressing "wacky" just isn't my strong suit.  So on wacky outfit day, JJ was that kid that showed up in normal clothes.  Bad mommy.  Sorry, kid.

Favorite Sports Team.  Yankees.  Duh.  The problem - JJ hasn't had any Yankees clothes (other than his beloved hat) for a while, because all of them in his size have the stupid snaps in the crotch.  He's just now to the point he can wear 2T shirts (which don't have the stupid snaps), so the second we heard about this theme day, we hit the stores and the kid is no longer deprived of Yankees gear.  Amen!

But, seriously - when is Dress Like a Pimp Day?

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