Monday, September 9, 2013

El Problemo

Ok, I don't even know if "El Problemo" means "The Problem" in Spanish (and I'm too lazy to look it up).  What I do know, is I have a problem.  And the problem is Spanish.  More precisely, the problem is that I don't speak Spanish.

Bigger problem?  My kiddo does speak Spanish.  Well, sort of.  He's 21 months old, so he only sort of even speaks English.  Basically, he speaks three languages - English, Spanish, and Toddler babble.

I guess this is what I get for enrolling my kid in such an awesome daycare.  Seriously - I'm not just saying that because I know his teachers might be reading this and I firmly believe that sucking up to the people that take care of your child for over eight hours a day is a very wise move.  I'm saying this, because Canterbury is making my kid smarter than I am.  Yeah- El Problemo!

First, they had to go and teach him sign language - just the basics - it didn't take me long to learn "more" and "all done."  Although, that's about the extent of what I know and I'm sure he knows a lot more.  Now they have to throw Spanish in the mix.  Don't they know I'm too old to learn a second language?  I mean, I spent five years in high school and college trying to learn French. If I can't do that, how on earth am I supposed to learn Spanish?

Seriously - he walked up to me yesterday and handed me his shorts and said "Pantelones" (yep, still too lazy to look up the correct spelling for that!).  Fortunately he handed them to me, because if he would have asked for "pantelones" there's a good chance I would have handed him a banana.  Do you see how this is going to be an issue?

Basically, I can count to 10 (I'm sure he can go higher) and I know Cerveza (beer) and Mucho Gracias (much thank you  - right?).  I don't see any reason he needs to know how to say "beer" in Spanish and if he is kind enough to say "mucho gracias" to me, I don't even know how to respond in the same language.

So, mucho gracias, Canterbury, for really making my life confusing!  Next time my kid asks for "leche" (milk- I did look that one up) and I give him a football, I'm blaming you!

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