Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Channeling Lloyd Christmas!

Dear JJ - I am so sorry!  Mommy has screwed up a lot of things her life, but this one was really a big one. Please forgive me!

Let's back up.  JJ's hair has been a family battle since he was about eight months old when I thought he first needed a haircut.  You see, this is one issue where Jeff and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum.  I don't want JJ to have a buzz cut, but I like a clean cut.  Jeff on the other hand thinks JJ's hair looks awesome when it is long and shaggy. So - every time I think he needs a haircut, I have to nag and complain for a few weeks before Jeff finally gets tired of hearing me and caves in. 

For his first haircut we took him to one of those places just for kids where the chairs are cars and the place in drowning in glitter.  He just needed a little off the bangs and on the neck, but even from that, I was not happy and vowed to never go back there.  The next few haircuts I took him to the woman that cuts my hair and the results were much much better.  

This past weekend, after hearing my whining and nagging long enough, Jeff finally gave in mid-morning Saturday and told me I could take him in.  I sent a text to my hair stylist, but it was last minute and I knew that was a long shot.  By Sunday, I just couldn't wait anymore and decided to try Sport Clips.  I figured they specialize in men and boys cuts, so how bad can it be?  Well - bad.  I mean really really really bad. 

When we sat him in the chair, he instantly started crying, which should have been a sign- I think he knew what was coming.  The stylist just started cutting without asking me what I wanted or anything.  I jumped in and told her to leave the bangs long and I like the back short - to use the clippers.  She did neither.

Thanks to a little Mickey Mouse on my phone and few M&Ms, we made it through the haircut, but the end result was not pretty.  I'm pretty sure the lady knows how to do one haircut and that is the one my kid got. I'm also pretty sure she did the same cut for Jim Carry's hair when he played Lloyd Christmas in Dumb and Dumber.

Seriously, this is my kid (yes, eating a doughnut- well, the chocolate off the doughnut) before and the sad sad crooked and jagged after.

So, again, JJ, Mommy is very sorry.  Please forgive me.

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  1. OMG. How did you not strangle the woman with your bare hands? He's got blackmail material with this, for sure.


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