Monday, September 30, 2013


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It's almost October and since JJ was only 10 months old last Halloween, we are pretty excited for this holiday! He is old enough to enjoy dressing up and has a number of favorite characters from movies that could be potential costumes. He will also be able to say, "Trick or treat," and will love getting the candy. Especially if the candy is M&Ms.

This weekend, we decided to start the hunt for a costume. We headed to one of those big warehouse type stores that they put up just for the season in an old Best Buy location. As soon as we walked in the door and saw this:

I was a little nervous that our almost 22 month old was going to be a little freaked out. He stared at this clown or whatever it is for a minute, then just kept on walking. He stopped to check out a few of the scary things, but nothing really seemed to spook him.

Once we hit the costume section, he had a blast. We tried on a few and loved it. Considering that we are in a phase where getting dressed every morning is an absolute battle, I might just start buying costumes for him to wear every day and avoid the 10 minutes from hell we face every day!

He checked out this Buzz Lightyear, but it wasn't the winner.

Halloween shopping with a toddler

especially since it is a man sized costume...

We did have one unfortunate incident. Before you watch this and think I'm the worst mom in the world, let me say this. I did not know this was going to happen and expected the eyes to just turn red or something. And - it was Jeff's idea, so blame him!

Yeah- poor kid. But don't worry, he was only scared for a second and was back to running around the store in no time. I think he may have a life long fear of snakes from this, but snakes are gross, so that's okay.

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  1. Now that's one scary clown. Is that really a buzz lightyear costume. My kid really wants one.

    1. That specific one was an adult costume, but I've seen a lot of Buzz costumes out there.


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