Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I'm "That" Mom

I'm That Mom!
It all started with a Kleenex box.  Yep, a Kleenex box made me realize that I have turned into "that" mom. Honestly, I think every mom is "that" mom in some form or another, but today, thanks to my need for a Kleenex, it is official.

See, I was driving to work and after a long week of colds and sniffles, I realized I used up all the small packs of Kleenex I try to keep stocked in my purse and my car.  So I said to  myself, "Self, you should just keep a box of Kleenex in your car!"  That one simple thought brought a whole new realization to my world.

OMG!  (and I don't throw OMGs around lightly).  Am I "that" mom that keeps a whole box of Kleenex in the car?  Apparently, I think I am about to be.  So I got to thinking on this same boring drive I take every day.  In what other ways have I turned into "that" mom?  Here's what I came up with...

1. I am definitely "that" mom that gives her kid miniature Oreos to get through a trip to Walmart.  I used to think (back in those naive days before I pushed a child out of my vagina) that only moms that can't control their children would have to resort to using candy and cookies to keep their child well behaved. Well, you know what?  Sometime candy is a miracle worker and I'm not afraid to use.  Yep, I am now proud to be "that" mom that is stuffing Oreos down her kid in Walmart because that way I am not "that" mom who has a kid screaming in the cart or running wild all over the place.  But yes, I have often been "that" mom with the screaming/ running all over kid, too!

2. I am "that" mom that let's my kid watch TV and movies.  Yeah, yeah I've heard all the stats and read the articles that kids under two shouldn't watch TV. But guess what?  Sometimes, just sometimes, Mom and Dad are tired and we need some downtime, too.  And guess what else?  My kid L-O-V-E-S Buzz Lightyear.  And if Buzz makes my kid happy, then Buzz makes momma happy.

3. I tried to fight it for a long time, but it is official.  I am "that" mom that let's her kid sleep in her bed. Trust me on this, we have tried.  We have sleep trained at least 12 different times (yes, that means let my kid cry.  I don't like it either, but sometimes that is the only method that works and I know what is best for my kid, so if you don't like it, suck it!). We have tried every bedtime routine known to man.  We have lost hours and hours (and more hours) of sleep.  And what it boils down to is JJ is a crappy sleeper.  Love the kid, but he really sucks at sleeping - especially in his own bed!  He goes to sleep in his own bed, but it is a rare night that he is still there come morning.  So I am "that" mom that lets her kid come into our bed and I don't see that changing any time soon.

4. And I am "that" mom that occasionally sees snot, mashed potatoes, dirt, or other various items stuck to my kids face and I just leave it there.  In general, he is mostly clean.  But, he is still a toddler.  And toddlers are messy.  And sometimes, I am "that" mom that just doesn't care.

In the end, I am pretty darn proud of the mom I have become.  I may be "that" mom that rarely wears make -up and always wears a ponytail.  And I may be "that" mom that has pictures of her kid all over and has no idea what people without kids do all day.  But I'm not "that" mom driving a mini van; I'm not "that" mom whose child has mismatched shoes on at daycare; and I'm not "that" mom who forgot to put a bra on before going to the mall.  Well, yet, anyway.  Except the mini van.  Please don't ever let me be "THAT" mom!

What ways are you "that" mom?  Comment below!

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