Monday, August 26, 2013

Cookie Monster!

This weekend was rough.  The whole family was sick, it was hot as balls outside (not really sure how hot that is, but trust me, darn hot!), and we just didn't have too much to do.

That added up to the perfect time for a Mom and JJ project (yeah, I said JJ Project!).  And the perfect excuse to make chocolate chip cookies!

Of course, I have my mom's old standby chocolate chip recipe, but I keep seeing this Neiman Marcus recipe on Pinterest that is supposed to be the best ever cookie in the world, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

I made my list and headed to the store.  First problem- does espresso powder exist?  If it does, not at my store.  Oh well, minor set back, I'll wing it, even though that is probably the secret ingredient that makes these cookies so darn good.

Anyway, I waited patiently for JJ to wake up from nap and as soon as he did, we got started.  He was instantly into it.

He loved saying "dump" every time he added something to the bowl and told himself "Good job!" after he "dumped" it in.  Hey - nothing wrong with giving yourself a little pat on the back from time to time.  I got to the part of the recipe where I was supposed to add the espresso powder and opted for cocoa instead (close enough, right?  They are both powders.).

All was going well, but once I started the mixer, JJ was D-O-N-E done and now it was just Mommy's project.  He didn't like the sound of it and the joy of sitting on the counter had warn off.  That's okay, I don't think he would have been very good at dropping the dough on the cookie sheets anyway.

I sort of expected to have a few pictures of JJ with flour all over him or a complete disaster in the kitchen, but surprisingly, JJ remained powder free and the kitchen was only slightly messier than when I cook on my own (Jeff is rolling his eyes right now because Mr. Clean Kitchen knows that is always a huge mess).

In the end, the cookies turned out pretty good, but I'm not sure they lived up to all the hype.  JJ seemed to like it, but I'm pretty sure he liked drinking his milk out of his big boy cup even more.  Oh well, more cookies for me!

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