Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Taking Advantage of a Toddler

19 months.  What a fun age.  JJ is running all over the place and is into everything.  He’s at that age where, although he can’t always say what he is thinking, he understands pretty much everything we say to him and can follow directions like a champ.  Couple that with wanting to get involved in everything, this is a pretty awesome stage and I’m not afraid to take full advantage of it. 

It started pretty simple.  “JJ, throw this in the trash.”  For me throwing whatever in the trash is just a matter of taking a few steps and getting it done.  For JJ, this is an accomplishment.  However, for me, this is a two second task.  For JJ, this is 10 minutes of playing with the trash can and grossing me out how much he is touching the lid and opening and closing it.  Nonetheless, he enjoys it and every now and then I enjoy sitting on my ass while he does the dirty work.

After a few trash trips, a bell went off.  If he can take my trash and do that chore, why stop there?  So, here are other ways, I gladly take advantage of my gullible toddler.

1.  Expanding on the trash idea, I started by letting him put things “away.”  Yes, he loves to put things “away” right now (thanks Canterbury Infant Academy for teaching him this so well!).  It started with putting his plate in the sink and his toys in the box, but I didn’t see any need to deprive my child from being able to put other things “away.”  So, “Hey, JJ!  Take Mommy’s plate to the sink."   And, “Hey, JJ!  Put these clothes in the laundry basket.”  And, “Hey, JJ!  Run these scissors down the stairs and into the other room.”  Ok, that last one never happened, just making sure you are paying attention.

2.  JJ is really into “driving” around toy pickups (his current favorite vehicle and he must point out every. single. one. he sees one on the road) and motorcycles.  As he was pushing one of his pickups around one night, he drove it over my leg.  Ding ding (that is the bell going off).  “Hey, JJ!  Come drive that pickup on Mommy’s back.” Yep- awesome back massage.  And my son is no slacker.  He didn’t stop with my back.  He drove on my head, down my legs, all over.  Yeah, I pretty much got a full body massage.

3.  I’m sitting on the couch probably watching some crappy reality tv show and I realize I’m thirsty.  Sadly, my drink is like five whole feet away on the end table.  You know what’s coming… “Hey, JJ!  Go grab Mommy her drink.”  What a big boy he is caring this drink all the way to Mommy!  Of course, then he usually wants a drink and we end up with spilled water all over the place and 10 minutes of him wanting “one more drink,” but hey, guess whose butt never left the couch?  Yep- this girl!

How dare I take advantage of a small clueless child you ask?  Well, I’ve been wiping shit off his ass and digging boogers out of his nose for the last 19 months, not to mentioned I I carried him around inside me for nine months and pushed him out without either epidural having any effect (yes, I'm still bitter about that!), so I'm due!

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