Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Swim Lessons, Take Two

Last winter, JJ took swim lessons at an indoor pool and although he cried through the entire first lesson, overall, they were a success and he came out loving the water.  Ever since, he has loved “swimmin’” in the bath and loves to “kick, kick, kick!”  We have spent many a day in our little blow up back yard pool and made a few trips to the local city pool, all of which he has thoroughly enjoyed.  So the time finally came to go to his summer swim lessons.
The plan was to go Monday through Friday, 30 minutes each day.  From day one, that plan went out the window.  Thanks to his nasty bites or whatever it was that attacked his poor legs, the doc said no swimming on Monday. Bummer, but we’ve got four more days.
Tuesday.  We get to the pool and JJ can’t wait to jump right in.  We were pleased to discover another boy from his daycare class was in the lessons, too, so that added some fun.  The lesson went pretty well.  He didn’t always want to do what the class was doing, but overall, he was comfortable in the water and had fun.  At the end of the class, they let them jump off the side into the water and at that time, JJ realized his absolute love for jumping off the side.
Wednesday.  As I’m changing JJ into his swimsuit, I hear thunder.  It took me a minute to remember what thunder was because for weeks we’ve had nothing but sun and heat.  I take a glance outside and nothing but sun and blue skies for as far as I can see.  We head to the pool and as I pull up I notice nobody is in the pool.  Crap.  I see other parents with kids walking up to the swim lesson entrance, but I am obviously much smarter than them.  Before I get out of the car and get my kiddo out of his carseat, I call the pool (yes, the pool that is 20 feet away).  They tell me lessons have been cancelled due to the weather.  I look into the sky again.  Apparently, blue sunny skies is reason to cancel the lesson.  Side note- others have told me they got rained on that day, but I never saw a drop! Anyway, I holler out to the fools that got their kids hopes up and tell them to pack the kids up and come back tomorrow.  And home we go.
Thursday.  This is when the lessons started taking a turn for the worse.  Don’t get me wrong.  JJ still loves the water and had a blast.  The problem – all he wants to do is jump off the side.  I tried to distract him when they were supposed to be doing arms that fly (like Iron Man!) and rocket ship arms (like Buzz!), but the distractions were short lived and he just kept reaching for the side so he could jump in.  I finally gave up and just let him jump. 
Friday.  Big fun today, because Daddy is joining us.  Let me preface this by saying Daddy is not a pool guy.  Like at all.  But Daddy heads to the pool and sits on the side so he can get right up close to see JJ in action.  To make his dislike for pools even worse, Jeff quickly realized he sat in gum in his new shorts.  Of course!  Anyway, the lesson begins, and guess what?  All JJ wants to do is jump off the side.  And with Daddy sitting on the side, he has absolutely zero interest in joining the group in the water.  I used my best manipulation skills and let him jump in, but as we swam back to the side, I made him kick, or use his flying arms, or whatever it was we were supposed to be doing.  I’m not sure the teacher liked my method, but I’m not sure I cared!  And in case you are wondering- it just so happened I’d seen how to get gum out of clothes that day on Pinterest (fate!) and it worked like a charm!
Monday.  We got a make-up day for the “weather” day.  Daddy came with us once again and it was more of the same.  A lot of wanting to jump off the side.  However, in JJ’s defense, although the $35 for lessons was mostly spent jumping, he knew everything they had learned such as doing scoop arms, chopping the water, and all the other fun things they were supposed to be learning all week.  I guess he was paying attention!  He was supposed to get a certificate at the end, but they were out, so they told us to stop by and pick it up the next day.  So basically, JJ will never get a certificate.  Sorry, kiddo!

After the lesson, we stuck around and played in the coolest ever baby pool.  Jeff even put his swimsuit on and joined in the fun!  

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