Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Gopher and Me

My husband was once young and dumb.  Don't judge - you know yours was once, too.  Sometimes, I just roll my eyes at the dumb things he did, but sometimes, they actual turn into something awesome.  Yes, this is going somewhere.

So apparently, back in his "single days," (I didn't nail down exactly when this took place, but I almost hope it was in his fraternity days to make it a little more justifiable) Jeff got on ebay and purchased a gopher that sings Kenny Loggins a la Caddy Shack.  Yes, the ultimate dude movie, so that makes this gopher cool, right?  Yeah, sadly I'm really hoping he'd consumed some adult beverages and his thinking was unclear when he decided this was a good purchase.

Anyway, tonight as he was putting something up in the spare room closet for storage, he found the poor, long-forgotten gopher.  Somehow, this hopefully drunken purchase, turned into a night full of entertainment.

It started out with some simple dancing and laughing.

We even got some booty shake dancing in.

Then it was like a traveling gnome headed across Europe.

First, JJ and the gopher played in a band together.  JJ covered the keyboard and the gopher took vocals.

The two also enjoyed a few leisurely trips down the slide.

Then, they threw the football around.  If Mom had been quicker with the camera you would have seen that JJ hit him square in the numbers, but Gopher dropped the ball and ended up flat on his back.

All this running around playing games wore the two of them out, so they shared a little water.
Good times, I say.  Good times.

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