Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More Fish

So I started this post a few days ago, but life has been hectic, so I'm just now getting around to finishing it up.  Before I get to it, here's a quick overview of what has happened.  Last week, JJ had what I thought were mosquito bites on his legs.  No big deal.  However, over the weekend, they turned into big nasty disease looking things that had me quite worried.  Plus, they itched- which kept him up at night.  This also kept me up at night and that was just not acceptable! 
First thing Monday morning we headed to the doctor and after two docs checked them out, they decided they were spider bites (about five to six on his lower legs with one right on his ankle that was quite swollen).  After much discussion, they decided to put him on Zyrtec and see how it went.  As I was heading to pick him up to take him to swim lessons that afternoon, I got a call from daycare.  The swelling was worse and he was struggling to walk.  I called the doc and they prescribed steroids.  Awesome - last time JJ was on steroids, he somehow bounced so hard on his changing table he threw his head into it and had a big ole bruise right on the center of his forehead.  Anyway, I got him picked up and other than a minor limp, he seemed content and like he was feeling great.  Unfortunately, the doc said no swim lessons that night, so we headed home to take it easy. 
He's been on the steroids now for two days and the bites are almost cleared and the swelling is gone.  And he has had a few hyper moments, but no crazy steroid behavior we can't handle.  Plus, we got to go swimming last night, so all is good.  Oh- and we don't know where the stupid spider got a hold of him, but if it was in his room, be assured that after the cleaning Super Dad gave that room, there is no chance on earth there is so much as a gnat that is living in there!
Now, back to what this blog was supposed to be about! 
Anytime a relative comes into town, the weekend is filled with fun and excitement.  Aunt Morgan’s visit was no different! 
As usual, it took JJ about two seconds to warm up to her, and they were instantly best friends.  It always cracks me up how when Mommy has to be bad cop and do something terribly abusive to the kid (like making him change his poopy diaper), he automatically knows to call for the visitor to try to get what he wants.  He liked her so much; he even named one of his little people in his outdoor water table after her.
We did many of the standard attractions when we have visitors.  We ate at Fritz’s to see the trains, we spent a morning with the animals at Deanna Rose, and, of course, we had to take a trip to Toys R Us.  His favorite purchase was this awesome chair of his favorite monster, Mike.

The most exciting part was the trip, however, was to the Kansas City Aquarium, Sea Life.  I wasn’t sure if JJ would be old enough to enjoy the fish without quickly getting bored, but as usual, my skepticism was quickly disproven.  We told him on the way we were going to see fish and he was so excited.  We didn’t even get through the line to pay and he ducked (well, walked) under the rope and had his face in an aquarium pointing out all the fish.  All we had to do was tell him there were “more fish” and he would say (numerous times) “more fish” and we would move on to the next part of the exhibit. 
He loved every minute of it and the best part (or maybe the worst- I'm not really sure) was that when we got to the very end, he decided to take a dukey in his diaper (yes, that is the technical term).  Turns out the only bathroom is at the very beginning (bad planning, Sea Life!) so we got to go through the whole thing again!
Here are some of my favorite pics (sorry- bad lighting and glass aquariums don't make the best pics!).

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