Wednesday, July 31, 2013

5 Easiest Pinterest Activities for Toddlers - TESTED!

Sometimes, I'm lazy.  Sure, I may use the excuse that I'm busy or tired, but sometimes I just want to take the easy way out.  Period.  And I know I'm not alone.  I do a lot for my kiddo and I'm not always lazy, but sometimes simple is just better. 

I'm also addicted to Pinterest.  I love getting ideas for recipes, house decorating, crafts, and whatnot.  But I really enjoy finding fun ideas for activities to do with JJ. However, some of these activities just aren't designed for the lazy busy mom.  That's when genius struck me.  I decided to find the five simplest pins for toddler activities and test them out.  Here are the rules:
1.  No buying anything.  Any supplies had to be items I had around the house.
2. Preparation had to take less than five minutes.
3. The pin had to be of that specific activity.  I was not going to dig through a pin that offered 100 activities for toddlers - this task was just way too lazy for that!
So here are the five activites I found that looked the easiest (but, of course, still fun) and how I rate them:

Ice Cube Bath 

The gist: All you have to do is put some food coloring in the water in the ice cube trays, stir it up, and let it freeze.  Even the laziest of moms can handle this one!

Link to the original pin here.

Pros - Watching the water change color around the ice cubes was really fun for JJ and he really enjoyed the blue bath that resulted after all the ice cubes melted.

Cons - Ice is cold.  And JJ was not a fan of touching cold ice.

Overall thoughts - This was definitely easy and a fun way to change up bath.  Pretty much what one would expect!

Grade: B

Bubble Painting 

The gist: Mix food coloring with bubbles, blow on paper.  Makes beautiful art!  Or does it?

Link to original pin here.

Pros - Easy prep and bubbles are always fun. 

Cons - The bubbles did not leave dark marks on the paper and JJ didn't understand that he was supposed to get the bubbles onto the paper.

Overall thoughts - This may have worked a little better if JJ was older, but at 19 months, he hasn't mastered blowing the bubbles, he prefers to just swing the wand and let the bubbles fly.  That did not result with many bubbles on the paper.  The few that did land on the paper, did not leave much of a mark.  To ensure I was testing this fully, I blew a few bubbles onto the paper and even my bubbles did not leave much of a mark.  The bubble mix that dropped off the wand and landed on the paper did leave some pretty spots, so it wasn't a complete miss.  And JJ loved just putting his hands in the bubble mix and making hand marks on the paper.  Ultimately - I think we would have had the same end result with just water and food coloring.

Grade: D

Exploding Toy Car Wash

The gist: Use baking soda and vinegar to create a mini car wash.

Link to original pin here.

Pros - So easy and so much fun!  This entertained JJ for nearly an hour!  It was also a two step activity - he played in just the baking soda, then had even more fun when we added the vinegar and the bubbles fizzed.

Con - Vinegar stinks.

Overall thoughts - We both loved this!  JJ loved driving the cars around in the baking soda and pretended it was snow.  Then when we added the vinegar he would say "Wow!" every time.  He kept asking for "more bubbles!"  We could keep adding a little vinegar and it would bubble up and fizz all over again!

Grade: A+

Recipe for Giant Long Lasting Bubbles

Link to original pin here.

Pro - Again, bubbles are always fun.

Cons - This pin doesn't give any directions for a bubble wand, which is required to make bigger bubbles.  I just used rope and it sort of worked, but a lot of bubbles popped before they formed full bubbles and I couldn't make any nearly as big as the picture on the pin. 

Overall thoughts - This mix worked to make bubbles, but they weren't giant or long lasting.  It really didn't work any better than bubble mix you can buy at the store.  And bubble mix is pretty cheap, so it would probably be easier to just buy it.  It did make some fairly large bubbles and JJ loved chasing them, so it was not a complete fail.

Grade: C+

Shaving Cream Paint for the Bath Tub

The gist: Just add food coloring to shaving cream and let the painting begin!

Link to original pin here.

Pros - Easy prep, entertained JJ for a long time, and easy clean up.

Con - None that I can think of!

Overall thoughts - JJ had a blast with this.  He drew all over the tub, all over himself, and used the brush and his hands.  We had a prior experience where finger painting did not go well here, so it was fun to see him enjoy this so much.  We also had an unexpected bonus.  I put the shaving cream in plastic bowls and they just floated in the tub around him, so they were easily for him to reach and he could easy change from one color to another.

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  1. How awesome that you tested these out! I think my little guy will love that exploding car wash.

    1. He definitely will! We had a blast with it!

  2. So glad our car wash earned an A+! I would have been embarrassed had we earned a D. LOL.

    1. He really did love it (and so did I). Glad we found it!


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