Saturday, July 27, 2013


Parents will do about anything for their kids and the debacle we experienced today was absolute proof of that.  Or maybe proof that parents are nuts.

It all started in Walmart.  The last few times we were there, Jeff kept eyeing this helicopter toy that had bubbles flying out of it.  Today, he couldn't resist and we spent $4.97 on the toy for JJ.

When we got home, we headed outside and Jeff decided to do a dry run without the bubbles to make sure it wouldn't fly into a tree or anything.  He clearly didn't think this through because he pulled the string, the rotor section went flying off, and landed about half way up the tree, settled securely in a branch.

This is where shit got entertaining.  Being this was a brand new toy (and Jeff can be determined/ stubborn), Jeff was not leaving this toy in the tree.  He disappeared into the garage, and came out with the paint roller extender, a rope, one of JJ's balls, and a staple gun.  I knew what I had to do.  I went into the garage, opened the beer fridge, grabbed a Summer Shandy, and plopped my butt down to enjoy the show.

The first approach was to throw the ball into the tree, hook a branch, and shake the toy out.
Jeff quickly learned that stapling the rope to the ball was not going to work and out came with duct tape.  I'll admit, at this point my expectations rose because I truly believe that anything can be accomplished if duct tape is involved.

At this point, JJ pooped (go figure) so I had to put my beer down and go inside for a quick diaper change.  When I came out, there was a ladder added to the plan, a neighbor had joined in, and there was a longer rope duct taped to a  mini basketball.  JJ tried to get in the action, but, quite honestly, was of absolutely no help.
After numerous attempts, the toy had not moved.  Neighbors were driving by and stopping to see what happened (I'm guessing a neighbor saw this action and alerted the whole neighbor on twitter than they were missing a good show!).  At this point, Jeff and the neighbor/ helper just started throwing the basketball and a football at the tree.  After just a few throws, the toy amazingly fell out of the tree.

Being about 45 minutes older and a lot wiser, we moved out from under the tree, loaded the helicopter up with bubbles, and Jeff pulled the string.  It flew, but I didn't see a single bubble.  When we picked it up, the base had broken and the toy was trash.  Yeah, all that for one worthless pull.
In the end, this was the final result- the toy, my beer bottle- all in the trash next to dirty diapers!  But if you ask me, this $4.97 was well worth the entertainment.

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