Monday, June 17, 2013

Word to Your Fatha!

After the big Father’s Day weekend, I thought I should give a shout out to my baby’s daddy.  I enjoy every day watching JJ imitate every silly thing Jeff does from jumping on the bed to throwing balls at the wall to randomly yelling down the air conditioner vent (don’t ask me why they were doing this, but they both enjoyed it for quite some time). 
They tell me that at daycare JJ walks around and says, “Daddy” all day, which shouldn’t surprise me, because he does the same thing at home.  Although it sometimes makes me feel like chopped liver, I will forever be grateful that my son has such a great dad to look up to. 
Before we get to the fun, “I want to be just like daddy” pics, I have to brag just a bit (go figure, right?). In case you missed it, for Mother’s Day, Jeff got me an amazing pic of the sound vibrations from the first time we heard JJ’s heartbeat.  Truly an awesome gift that I will never even attempt to top.  However, I think I did pretty darn good this year.  Sticking with my theme of I want to be just like daddy, I found (yep, straight up stole) this idea from Pinterest.  You take pics of the kid in Daddy’s shoes and put a mushy saying with it.  Sounds easy, but nothing ever goes as planned and we did hit a little bump in the road. 
As always, I am a planner, so about three weeks before Father’s Day, I took a bunch of really cute pics of JJ in Jeff’s shoes.  All I had to do was find a frame and type up the cheesy phrase.  I took all pics portrait size since he was standing in his shoes and after weeks and weeks (ok – like two weeks and a only a few stores), I, for the life of me, could not find a frame that had four portrait size frames.  No biggie – I can adapt.  All I need to do is re-do one of the pics in landscape. 
Here’s where we had a little snafu.  I left work early one day to pick up JJ so we could take the pics before Daddy got home.  I pull up to daycare and one of his teachers is sitting outside on break.  She stops me.  This is not good.  We had a few incidents today.  1.  JJ bit another kid for the first time.  In his defense, he’s already been bitten twice and the poor kid has all four eye teeth coming in at once, so he gets a pass on this one.  2.  JJ got bit (yep, this makes three times!).  Oh – and on his face!  I think the kid has a picture jinx.  When we were supposed to do his one year pics, he did a header into the laundry basket and got an almost black eye and now we need Daddy pics and ½ his face is red and swollen (alright, that might just be a slight exaggeration).  Anyway, as we head home, I call my friend and she suggests a little make-up to cover it up.  I know Jeff would forever roll his eyes at this, but I consider it.  Until I get home and JJ is not in the mood for pictures.  After much bribing, numerous attempts, and silly faces, I manage to get the last picture (sans make-up) and the final product turned out like this…

It’s no heartbeat, but I think it is pretty cool.  And symbolic of JJ’s personality right now.  See – he always wants to be just like Daddy.
Shopping is never dull with my Yankee hat boys!
Looking good in Daddy's t-shirt!
My boys.

Love my monkeys!!

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