Tuesday, June 4, 2013

JJ 1.5

Yeah, that’s right!  Mr. JJ is officially 1.5 years old!  And that kid is not missing a beat!  He is definitely keeping Mom and Dad on our toes!  To celebrate this milestone, I thought I’d share some recent funnies…
1.     Mr. Chatterbox is adding new words to his vocab daily.  Some of his recent favorites are “oo bus” (school bus) and “semi” (as in the truck).  He also loves “Mike,” “Sully,” and his newest character, “Boo” from Monsters, Inc.  When he and Jeff were watching Iron Man, he notified Jeff about 30 times that that was “Ine Man!” on the screen.  His new favorite Mickey Mouse character is “Gooby.”  He also repeats pretty much everything we say and I’m glad to say the first cuss word repeated, a simple “shit,” came from Jeff’s mouth – not mine!

2.     JJ also loves wearing his “at” (hat).  Usually his Yankees hat (go figure), but he discovered a colander makes a good hat.  Oh – and so does the potty seat!

3.     In another funny, that didn’t start out so funny…  JJ got the pukes this weekend.  As it always does, it came out of the blue at 2:30 a.m.  Poor guy had a pretty rough morning, but the afternoon went well and we thought we were past it.  As usual, we were wrong.  We gave him some Pedialite before bed and just as I was picking him to carry him up, all the Pedialite (and at least a gallon of liquid that was created magically) came flying – and I mean really flying – out of his mouth.  It managed to soak every inch of Mom, Dad, and JJ (and the couch, and the carpet, and pretty much anything within a 10 foot radius).  I figured the best approach was just to strip us down on the spot, and once I got JJ and I down to our underwear/ diaper, I took him up to find some new pajamas.  So as I’m standing in front of the changing table putting on his PJs wearing only my underwear (if you are visualizing this in your head, please give me the body of Kate Upton as I believe that is pretty accurate), JJ points directly at my left nipple and asks his favorite question right now, “What’s that?”  At least the boy knows how to put some fun into a pukey situation!
In other news, JJ is a man of many talents…

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