Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Loving Every Minute of It

Memorial Day weekend is always a nice long weekend, but thanks to my Dad coming into town, JJ and I got an extra-long weekend.  And we made the most of every minute of it. 
JJ’s love for animals is still strong and growing, so it was a no-brainer that we would take “Goo Pa” to Deanna Rose Farmstead.  As always, we had a great time feeding the goats,

riding on the hayride, and petting the horses,

but I think the highlight was riding Goo Pa on the way out!

After nap, Grandpa suggested a trip to Toys R Us and who are we to turn that down?  We ended up picking out an awesome water table that Daddy and JJ had a really good time putting together. 

It was a little chilly out, but who really needs the water?

The next day heated up, so the water was added and fun was had by all!

We also finally got to blow up the new pool for the back yard and since JJ loves water and Mom loves to be tan, I think this pool will get a lot of use this summer.  We didn’t get any pics yet, but JJ loves to splash, go down the slide, and (attempt) to blow bubbles in the water!  He also would tell me the water was “hot,” but we apparently need to work on the meaning of “hot” because it was quite the opposite!
For the final day of the holiday weekend, Mom and Dad planned something really special.  I’d seen on-line that there was a dinosaur exhibit at Crown Center and little Mr. JJ loves him some dinos, so we loaded up in the car (and he even took some of his mini dinos to play with on the way there) and we headed off.  We finally found a parking spot, hauled out the stroller, and headed in.  We searched and searched, but all we could find was a Curious George exhibit.  Turns out the dinos were last summer, so we were a year late on that one!  Luckily, JJ is still too young to be terribly disappointed.  Way to jack that one up, Mom! 
We still had a lot of afternoon left, so we decided to hit Power Play to blow some time.  JJ still loves driving the cars and motorcycles,

but the highlight was that stupid dancing game!  There was nobody doing this game, so how he knew to hop up on this and start dancing is beyond me!

In other JJ news, the kid is currently obsessed with Monsters, Inc.  He loves his new Mike (and jumping!).

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