Thursday, May 9, 2013

Being a Toddler 101

A few weeks ago, I wrote about some of the things I’ve learned recently about raising a toddler.  Turns out, JJ is learning a few things himself!  It is crazy and fun every day watching this little person become more independent, say more words, and do more and more things that make me say, “Wow!  Didn’t know you could do that!”  And yes, he is becoming more stubborn and insistent about getting his way, too!  Apparently the term “strong-willed child” didn’t just come out of the blue.  So here are a few of the things JJ has learned lately.
1. Getting dressed can be fun!  The last few weeks, JJ has really been into taking off and (attempting) to put on his shoes and socks.  Every once in a while, he actually gets a sock on, which is quite impressive.  Of course, his favorite place to do this is in the car, so at the end of every single car ride, the ritual of putting shoes and socks on is added to the massive unstrapping one has to do to get a kid out of a car seat these days.  Anyway… the other night he expanded his dressing independence by pulling out a drawer and picking out clothes to put on himself.  FYI- all the clothes that currently fit him are in the closet, not in drawers, so this was destined for an adventure.  This is what he picked out.

It did take a little help from Mom and Dad to get dressed, especially since he was trying to put the pants on from the bottom of the leg holes first, but he was pretty darn proud of his accomplishment. 

2. Some items have more than one use.  A diaper, for instance, can double as a bonnet. 

Credit for this sexy look goes to Dad.  As always, JJ wants to do whatever Daddy does, so when Jeff was being silly putting a diaper on his head, JJ soon followed suit! 
3. The best way to learn to talk is by repeating others.  And he repeats eve-ry-thing.  Jeff, in particular enjoys this, as he thinks it is hilarious to say things like “poop butt” and hear JJ repeat them.  He has said worse, but I’ll let him off the hook with just “poop butt.”  Another example - JJ walked into the room this morning and I said, “Hi, Buddy.” “Hi, Buddy.” is what I got back.  It took him forever to say, Mama, so I’ll take about anything right now.  And on that note, he is in the process of switching from Mama and Dadda to Mommy and Daddy, but for some reason Mommy comes out Monny, which is has to be one of the cutest words ever said. Or maybe it just sounds like money and money makes me happy.

4. “Hi, Dog!” JJ loves dogs.  I mean really really loves dogs.  I do not.  Of course, it now seems like every neighbor has a dog and they all walk them or are outside with them at all times when we are outside playing.  In order for him not to pester the dogs (and their owners) constantly (ok, and admittedly, so that I don’t have to go close to the gross dogs – sorry dog lovers, I just think they stink), I taught him to just waive and say, “Hi, dog!”  He got this down in no time flat and is constantly waving and saying, “Hi,” to dogs.  I was quite impressed with his quick learning, especially Monday when he was sick and we were home and Kelli and Michael were on TV.  Note the decorative dog in the background…

5. Spelling is a piece of cake.  The other day when I dropped JJ off at daycare, one of the managers told me they try to work with the kids on spelling their names and asked how we wanted JJ to learn it.  I told her it doesn’t stand for anything, so it’s just JJ.  I then looked down at JJ and said, “How do you spell ‘JJ?’”  His response “JJ.”  (see lesson #3).  I looked at the teacher and said, “Your job here is done.”  I think he set the record for the youngest kid ever at the Canterbury Infant Academy to spell his name.
6. Sucking up to your teachers never hurts.  Ok, that may not be something JJ has any clue about, but as a mom that has to leave her kid with these teachers every day, I suck up so they take good care of him.  And no, this really doesn’t fit in this blog at all, but sometimes I am amazed by my craftiness and I have to show off a little.  So this past Tuesday was Teacher Appreciation Day.  Although Jeff told me to just get them a gift card, the Pinterest addict in me just couldn’t settle for that.  I’d noticed his teachers always have the kids’ daily notes on a plain ole boring brown clipboard and I figured it was time to spice them up a bit.  So… 

Yeah, I made those!  Amazing what one can do with a little scrap book paper and Mod Podge.  Even someone with absolutely no artistic ability. 

On another note, I’m trying to update and make this blog a little more user friendly.  If you’d like, you can now subscribe to get e-mail notices any time I post a new blog.  You can also easily share this blog on Facebook or Twitter (and I write some pretty amazing shit, so I know you all are very excited about this!).  I’ve tried to figure out how to add a cute little red P logo so you can easily pin things to Pinterest (like those super cute clipboards), but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to do that.  If you know how, please comment below and in the meantime, I’ll keep working on it. 

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