Friday, May 3, 2013

And Lesson #5

After I posted the blog yesterday, we had quite an interesting night last night which reminded me that I missed possibly the biggest lesson for raising a toddler and I needed to add an addendum to that blog.  Let me explain…
5.   Pick your battles.  The last week or so it has been beautiful weather and we were finally able to pull out the shorts and flip flops and enjoy a lot of time outside.  JJ loves to go outside and asks and wines to go out many many times each day, so it has been wonderful.  However, yesterday, we went from wearing shorts to temps in the 30s and snow (yes snow in May, which I like to call complete bullshit!) in less than 24 hours.  So when we got home from work and daycare, JJ did not understand why we couldn’t go outside.  We used our best distraction techniques (and a graham cracker) and diverted his attention until he forgot about it.  Yes, I won that battle.  Mom-1, JJ-0! 
We made it through dinner just fine and started cleaning up the kitchen before bath.  But when I opened the fridge, JJ reminded me his favorite game right now is to climb up in the fridge and grab sour cream, Diet Mountain Dew, or whatever random food that he absolutely thinks he has to eat right now or he may die!  Since we had just had dinner, he clearly wasn’t hungry, but he was quite adamant that he needed the day-old left over mac and cheese.  It was in a closed dish and he never really eats what he thinks he needs, so I’m not fighting this battle and let the kid carry around the mac and cheese.  But now it is time for bath and he still has a death grip on the mac and cheese.  Do I fight it?  Naw.  I tried to get him to set it on the toilet, but no go.  So I think to myself, “Self, is it a big deal if a kid takes a bath with mac and cheese?”  Self said no, so in they both went.  Mom-1, JJ-1.
After bath, we played our normal game of naked JJ running all over the house, but I eventually caught him, strapped a diaper on, and managed to get him in his PJs.  Again, he thought his life was going to end if he didn’t get to play with his shoe while I put his PJs on, so no biggie, have the damn shoe!  However, once the PJs were zipped, Mr. Insistent was determined to put his shoes on (I think this was part of his plan to get me to go outside, but I’d already won that battle and I wasn’t going to cave).  So, shoes over PJ’s, at this point, why the hell not?  Mom-1, JJ-2.

And by the way, that is toothpaste in his hand that he refused to give back to me after we brushed teeth (he was determined to get that lid on by himself), so I guess he won that battle, too.  Mom-1, JJ-3
We did eventually get his shoes off, but the battles didn’t end there.  Not long before bed, JJ decided he needed a snack, so back into the kitchen to climb up into the fridge.  What food did he think he would die without this time?  Leftover refried beans.  Cold leftover refried beans. This isn’t what I normally would give my kid right before bed, but a little fiber in his diet would not be a bad thing right now, if you know what I mean.  And I didn’t think he would eat it anyway.  Silly mommy.  Anything he can eat with a spoon (“Poon”) right now, he will eat.  So I hand him a spoon and let the snack begin.  He didn’t eat much, but in the end, I think the decision goes to JJ.  Final score… Mom-1, JJ-4.   
Time to waive the white flag.

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