Monday, April 15, 2013

Top This!

First of all, you may notice this blog looks a little different.  Yes, you are at the right page.  I decided now that JJ is a full-fledged walking (running), talking (sort of) toddler, the name Baby Steps doesn’t really fit anymore.  Time to move up in the world.  So The JJ Project may not be the most creative blog title out there, but it pretty much sums up what our life is these days, so I went with it.
Now back to blogging.  The last few weeks have been very busy, exciting, and full of fun.  Back in October, Jeff and I headed to the Bahamas to attend a wedding.  Beautiful Sandals resort, but thanks to Hurricane Sandy hitting us, we only had about one day of beautiful island weather (thankfully the day of the wedding!) which was preceded by four straight days of massive wind and rain.  Little did we know, Sandals has a hurricane policy, so we got five free nights at any Sandals.  I think it would just be rude to ignore this policy so we (along with the wedding couple that also got the free stay) headed to Jamaica last week. 
Obviously, this is not a vacation for a toddler, so his aunt and his grandparents (and one cousin) came to KC for some quality JJ time while Mom and Dad chilled on the beach.  Although we missed him a ton, we did all we could to make up for lost time when we got back.  So in our three day weekend, here are the top 10 moments.
10. Loving on Iron Man

9. Fixing the engine in the buggy aka playing with the rain water that accumulated in the front trunk.

8. Mowing the yard with Dad.

7. Being happy and knowing it!

6. Playing ball.

5. Diving into balls.

4. Eating donuts from Casey’s!

3. Cruising on the four wheeler – he’s got pushing the button to go down, but clearly has some learning to do when it comes to steering.

2.Grilling burgers.

1. Feeding the Goats – one of the many fun events at DeAnna Rose Farmstead!

JJ also pooped in the bathtub.  That did not make the list.

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