Monday, April 22, 2013

Big Guy

Yep, another big weekend for the Lundells!  We may not get to do much during the week, but we sure do all we can to make up for it on the weekends.  And now that the weather is nice, there are so many more options!
We started off the weekend with another trip to Deanna Rose Farmstead.  If you have kids and live in the Kansas City area – I highly recommend you check it out.  This trip was especially fun because we met up with some friends and it was fun to see Madison and Carson, too!  Since it was earth day, they had a few special crafts and activities and all three enjoyed “painting” with some veggies.  I guess this is one way to use veggies, because JJ sure has no interest in eating them!  (I guess I’m not one to talk).

He also had fun playing on this train.  His “All Aboard” just cracks me up. 

JJ and Madison also really enjoyed petting the baby goats.

And since there were more folks around this time, we didn’t get stampeded feeding the goats (and JJ didn’t stick the bottle in his mouth after feeding them this time, so that is a plus!)

When we got back home, JJ (with a little encouragement from Daddy) decided it was time to be a Prince.  He put on his crown that he made at daycare and strutted his stuff.

Then JJ and Mommy headed to the library.  Unfortunately, he ripped his crown on the way, but we had an even better hat to replace it!

And while we were in the toddler play room, he showed off how well he knows his shapes!

One would think that would be a full day, but wait, there’s more!  Since he has become a regular at Fritz’s we wanted to try something new for dinner.  We thought about T-Rex, but NASCAR was in town, so we avoided that area like the plaque.  We decided to try the restaurant at Bass Pro so he could check out all the fish.  The fish entertained him for about 30 seconds, but he still managed to have fun.

Wow – all that in just one day.  And we didn’t stop there.  Sunday we played outside for a while and chased bubbles. 

We also went for a swim, but didn’t get any pics of that.  He sure does love the water.  He loves to say, “kick, kick, kick!” and even does a little doggy paddle swim with his hands.  The pool had a giant slide and I think he really wanted to go down it, but I’m not sure he’s quite ready for that.
While JJ and Mommy hit the pool, Daddy was busy at home starting to turn the car seats to face forward.  The car seat Nazi at the Lexus dealer would be having a fit if she knew I was turning it around before he was two (trust me, I got quite the lecture about this last time I was there), but the poor kid has no room for his legs, as was evidenced by all the mud he was getting on my back seat!  So after we got it turned around, we went for a drive.  It was a whole new world! 

When I took that picture, I told JJ to say, “Cheese.”  He said it with a big ole grin, but I think he just got that happy because he really likes cheese.
In addition to all the fun, JJ also added two new words to his vocab.  He now says, “awesome!” which is just darn cute, and, well, awesome.  I also told him he was my “Big guy” when I put him in his front facing seat.  He apparently thought that was awesome as he pointed to the sky and said “Big guy” over and over and over. 

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