Monday, February 11, 2013

There's No Crying in Swimming!

I love swimming.  I started swimming competitively at age 5, and as a kid, my name covered the record board.  I lost some of my dedication to the sport, but still managed to qualify for the state meet in high school.  That was the end of my competitive years, but I spent numerous years as a lifeguard (oh- some crazy memories!) and will jump at any chance to hit the pool. 
Therefore, it was always my plan to teach JJ to be comfortable in the water.  From day one, Jeff and I have just dumped the water over his head in the bath and he has always loved water splashing in his face.  Recently, he began putting his face in his bath water and even putting his head under the spicket of running water.  He especially loves it when we turn on the shower and he can play in the running water. 
I’ve looked for swim lessons to put him in, but he was too young last summer and I couldn’t find an indoor pool that offered them anywhere close to us.  So, when I got an offer for a Groupon for four lessons for $35 at Swim U (apparently a new place that I’d never heard of), I instantly clicked the “buy now” button.  I called right away to get him signed up and was anxious all week for the Saturday lesson to get started. 
When we arrived at the pool, JJ got suited up and really enjoyed walking around looking through the wall into the pool area. 

I was so excited.  My boy that loves the water is going to be the star in the class and have so much fun.  So when they called the parent/child group into the pool, I was giddy with excitement.  We slowly walked down the stairs into the nice warm water and that was when all hell broke loose.  JJ was not happy.  He started crying.  Loudly.  And didn’t stop.  Little man wanted out of that water!  Where other kids crying?  Nope.  Just my water baby!  And he kept crying for the whole half an hour lesson.  He had a few moments of calmness when he was distracted by a ball, but those were short lived.  While all the other kids where happy as can be; I had the crier.  One mom tried to make me feel better and assured me that they had all had lessons like that and the teacher was very supportive and helpful, but no matter what we did, JJ just wasn’t having it. 
In the end, he didn’t poop in the pool, he didn’t vomit in the pool, and he didn’t drown, so it wasn’t a complete failure.  Stay tuned for an update on week two…
Although the swim lesson was a complete bust, the rest of the weekend went well.  As the winter drags on, we’ve turned weekends into get-out-of-the house days.  It is not always easy finding things to do with a 14 month old and sometimes we just hit the mall or Target or both, but we try to find something fun for JJ. 
Saturday we tried Power Play and although it turned out he was too small for any of the rides, he still really enjoyed “driving” the cars and just looking at all the crazy lights and surroundings. 

Yesterday, Jeff suggested we go to Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop since JJ is really into making animal noises right now.  We ended up at Bass Pro and as much as swimming was a failure, this was a complete success.  He absolutely loved roaring at the bear and making his fish face (of course, I still haven’t been able to get a picture of this!).  He pointed at every animal in the place and was in total awe of the experience. 

We had fun with some of the toys.

And he apparently really liked to look at the asses of whatever these big ole animals are.

To top it off, it was absolutely free.  We did try to find a souvenir, but he just wasn’t feeling this hat.

And, as cute as he looked in this hat, it was off in about two seconds.
In the end, we had a busy weekend with new adventures around every corner. 

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