Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Epic Fail, Take Two!

To say that it has snowed a lot in Kansas City this past week is a gross understatement.  We have had two days were the city basically shut down and we were stuck in the house.  As I’ve mentioned before, being cooped up in the house doesn’t work well for JJ or me.  He did get out in the snow a bit to hang with Dad while he was shoveling, but other than moving his feet around a few inches, he wasn’t really into the snow just yet. 

We killed some time by playing Iron Man.

And ran around with bowls on our head. 

Yes, we were this bored!
But by the middle of day two, we were pretty sick of all the toys and finding anything to keep us entertained was a challenge.  Time to get creative.  Of course, no surprise here, I head to Pinterest for ideas.  I found plenty of ideas, but I can’t get out to buy supplies and I feel he needs to be just a little older to enjoy most of them.  However, I have the three ingredients I need to make finger paint, so I think this might just work out.  Before I continue with this story, you should know that this was not our first attempt at finger painting.  For Grandparents’ Day, I thought it would be cool to give the grandparents an original JJ work of art.  I saw on Pinterest (yeah, I know, Pinterest again!) this cool idea where you can tape their name to a canvas and let them paint over it.  When they are done, pull the tape off and ta da…

Simple, right?  Sure.  I thought at nine months old he would love this, and he did.  Sort of.  He didn’t love putting the paint on the paper so much as his face being the canvas.  So instead of getting a framed work of art, the grandparents got this in a frame. 

Good enough.  Now that he is almost 15 months, I thought we would try again.  So during his nap I slaved over the stove for at least 10 minutes making the homemade finger paint and then much longer taping Js to card stock.  And for the record, Js are not easy tape letters!  I finished just before he woke up and was so excited to let the artist in JJ come alive.  Unfortunately, it seems as though JJ may have inherited my artistic ability.  Or lack thereof.  He looked at the gooey paint and really wanted nothing to do with it.  I wasn’t settling for that, so I forced his hand into the paint and onto the paper.  He was slightly intrigued, but more just grossed out that he had this goo on his hand.  I thought maybe if I did some he would follow suit, and he kind of liked watching me, but still wanted nothing to do with the goo.  This picture makes it look like he was enjoying it.

But don’t be deceived, this is more realistic.

To top it off, when the goo finally dried (and although it worked ok, this homemade recipe is far from what I would call “paint”), peeling tape off card stock apparently doesn’t work as well as a canvas does.  Most of the paper just peeled off with the tape.  Oh well, not that the paint covered enough to be able to tell it was a JJ anyway!  On a positive note, he got to take an extra bath, which he loved, so that took up a little of our snowmageddon day two lock in.  Anyone else ready for spring?

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