Friday, February 22, 2013

Animal Mania

I know you have all been waiting on the edge of your seats to hear how JJ’s second swim lesson went…  I’m happy to report, it went great.  He loved every minute of it, enjoyed splashing, kicking, and really like “jumping” off the side into the water.  There was another little guy that did not enjoy it and took his turn at crying throughout the whole lesson and I’d be lying if I said part of me wasn’t feeling a little smug that it wasn’t my kid doing to the crying!
The great swim lesson was just the beginning of a very fun weekend, but first, we should back up a few days.  JJ had a little party at daycare for Valentine’s Day.  By little party I mean all the parents went in to watch the kids eat snacks and they sent us home with a bag of Valentines.  Nonetheless, it is always fun to see him around other kids.  Thanks to Pinterest (go figure), JJ took in these adorable Valentines for his friends. 

I also signed up to bring cheese as part of the snack and since I am weird and can’t just do anything normal, I went above and beyond and brought in heart shaped cheese.  My creativity at its best!
Back to the weekend.  Since Bass Pro Shop was such a hit, we decided to hit Cabela’s for our Sunday afternoon outing.  Once again, the animals were a hit.  JJ was roaring at the top of his lungs throughout the store and especially loved this lion.

We also started a trend when we took this picture (you know we can’t just be normal and have our kid stand next to the deer) and soon every kid around was sitting on this poor deer.

Thanks to the Presidents, I had Monday off for the holiday, so we had a mom and JJ day.  It was a struggle to find things open and appropriate for his age, but in the end, we did well.  In the morning, I decided we would hit the gym.  It is pretty sad that I didn’t go to the gym because I had a desire to work out.  I went because they have a kids’ room where JJ can play.  The downside was I did have to work out.  I managed to snag a treadmill where I could see into the kid’s corner so I was able to keep an eye on him.  He just stood and checked it out for a few minutes, but eventually made his way over to the pop-a-shot where I’m sure he pointed out the balls about 100 times.  When I finished my pathetic attempt at a work out and went in to get him, he was in a cozy coupe with a girl about a year older pushing him around.  Way to take charge, son!
After his nap, we continued with the animal madness weekend theme.  Since it was cold outside, I decided we would just go to Petsmart and check out whatever they might have there.  I mean, he is 14 months old – he doesn’t know the difference between that and a zoo, right?  It turned out pretty good.  We started with fish and he frequently made his cute little fish face.  We then found the poor cats that are stuck in cages.  Side note- if you don’t know, I am not a dog person.  Like, at all.  I used to love cats and still miss the old bitch cat, Adele, that loved me and hated everyone and everything else in this world.  However, this store reinforced that I will never again have a pet (so sorry, JJ!).  The whole store stinks like animal and as much as JJ loved those mangy cats, the enormous amounts of hair they were shedding was just too much.  Anyway, he did love touching what he could of the cats through the cage and told me a number of times they were “ki cat.”  Just as we were leaving the cats, a couple walked by with their dog.  JJ was off and running instantly after the dog.  The couple was very nice and JJ wasn’t so sure what was happening when the dog licked him, but the little talker let us all know that dogs say, “woof woof.”  We finished off looking at some birds, which at the time, I thought were pretty impressive. 

Since we still had a lot of afternoon left, we decided to take Dad a cherry limeade at work.  On the way, I happened to notice a little place called Pet Stop with a sign that they had an indoor zoo.  After seeing Dad, we stopped to see what this Pet Stop was all about.  The indoor zoo was really just a monkey (yes, a live monkey) in a cage and the animals they were selling.  However, you could hold the birds and bunnies, so that turned out to pretty darn cool- and really put Petsmart to shame.  JJ loved touching the birds, but he kept trying to grab them and I kept having flashbacks of Dumb and Dumber, “Our pets heads are falling off!” 

One last fun video.
For those of you that are observant, you may have noticed that KU was not playing in that game, but I don’t think there is ever a bad time to yell, “Go Jayhawks!”  

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