Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Play on, Playa!

A few months back when I sat in my living room in front of the ridiculously huge pile of gifts stacked up for JJ’s birthday and looked around at the living room that was already completely taken over by toys, I realized we had no choice.  It was time to make a play room.  Fortunately, we had two guest bedrooms, so we just needed to decide which one was going to be converted.  Once the decision was made and the furniture was out, the toys moved in.  And it was amazing!  We even had room to keep his outdoor tree house in doors for the winter which is great because that kid loves barreling down that slide face first!
But there was a problem.  The walls were the color of something that I would find in his diaper and the guest bedroom décor just didn’t quite fit the theme.  So, of course, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to feed my addiction to Pinterest and start doing some decorating.  After hours on Pinterest and multiple pins, I came up with a few ideas. 
First, here is the before pic.  Can’t see much of the room, but you can see the lovely wall color (I seriously did not realize how bad this was when we had the furniture in there!).

The first thing I did was pick a new wall color.  I thought about a basic grey, but wanted to do something a little more fun, so I ended up with this fun blue.  And it actually turned out to look like what I thought it would. 

Next, I needed wall décor.  I’d seen this idea on Pinterest and had JJ’s one year pics that I needed to put up somewhere, so I changed it up a bit and went with it.  I got the wood plaques at Michaels for cheap, painted them, and used possibly my favorite crafting supply ever, Mod Podge, and slapped on the pics. Voila!

Next up, curtains.  This was my main challenge.  One, curtains can be quite expensive, which just seemed unnecessary for a playroom.  Second, finding them in the right color or something that wasn’t too grown up or girly, was virtually impossible.  So, I decided to make my own.  Sort of.  I thought big stripes would be fun, so I found a number of pins about painting stripes on them and decided to give it a whirl.  I found cheap panels and a rod at Big Lots (thanks to a suggestion on Pinterest) and I was off!  BTW- I have now dedicated all Federal holidays to my Pinterest Crafts, so I have to give a shout out to MLK for getting me the day off when I could take JJ into daycare and get this done!  The curtains really were quite simple.  Just tape the lines and paint.  I was a little worried at for a while as the first coat did not look good and they looked pretty rough before completely drying, but in the end, I love how they turned out.  I will admit, if you touch the painted part, they feel a little hard, but who goes around touching curtains?

I still have one huge blank wall that I need to do something with and I plan to make some book slings, too (and when I say, "I plan to make" I mean I plan to buy fabric and have my mom sew them because I suck at sewing and don’t trust the no-sew version).  I’m open to any suggestions for the blank wall…
While I’m rambling, a brief update on what JJ is up to these days:
1.     Talking- His favorite words are ball and balloon (which sound pretty much the same) and he loves to roar like a bear (or possibly a lion).  He even roared goodbye to me this morning!
2.     Peek-a-boo – He has loved this game for a long time, but we usually played with a blanket or something to cover our eyes.  He now covers his eyes with his hands, but it is really cute because he usually covers his mouth or nose instead.  Close enough!
3.     He also learned Uh Oh.  He shrugs his shoulders and lifts up his hands and walks around saying, “Uh oh, Uh oh.”  Too cute!
And a few pics for fun.
Trying to figure out this spoon thing.
Jeff pushing the cart through Target.  On a skateboard. 
My life is never boring.  And JJ loved it!
My baller!

And just a fun video of my cutes patutes!

One last thing...  Jeff and I are not in agreement about what to do with JJ's hair.  The most recent pic is him roaring.  One of us thinks he needs it cut and one of us thinks it looks awesome and we should let it keep growing.  What do you think???

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